Jake Fratkin Teaches Three-Level Acupuncture Balance Integrating Japanese Acupuncture with AcuGraph Computer Diagnosis

Dr. Jake Fratkin Acupuncture Balance Seminar

Three-Level Acupuncture Balance Seminar Integrating Japanese Acupuncture with AcuGraph Computer Diagnosis February 17–18, 2017 • Boulder Marriott • Boulder CO In this acupuncture balance seminar Dr. Jake Fratkin will teach a deep and powerful balancing method integrating Primary Channels, Extraordinary Channels, and Divergence Channels into a single treatment protocol. Treatment demonstrations will... Read more

In Memoriam: Dr. Richard Yennie

Have you ever heard of Dr. Richard Yennie? I bet many of you have, and those of you who haven’t may be surprised to find major parts of your acupuncture lineage traced back through this amazing man. Dr. Yennie was a friend, mentor, and teacher to thousands in the acupuncture... Read more

Budgeting is no Joke…

Have you heard? April is has been proclaimed NATIONAL FINANCIAL CAPABILITY MONTH by Presidential Decree. The proclamation calls for helping people learn responsible budgeting, financial literacy and sound decision making. Sounds good…right? Since this proclamation was made on April Fool’s Day, there was a certain amount of chuckling. Some were sure... Read more