Let’s Recap: Acupuncture Growth Symposium 2023, Boise, ID 4.89/5 (9)

Amazing Group of Practitioners 

Wow! What an amazing group of practitioners and presenters we had for this year’s Acupuncture Symposium. We are truly blessed by the insight, knowledge, and camaraderie of the event this year.
We learned a lot and came away inspired by all of you!! For those that couldn’t make it in person, we’d like to share with you some of the highlights.

After our “Intro to AcuGraph Class + Graphing Skills” workshop on Friday, we commenced the evening with a guided qigong session, led by Andrew Greenberg, L.Ac., in the enchanting Kristen Armstrong Park. Following this rejuvenating session, we enjoyed delectable tacos and refreshing drinks while engaging in meaningful connections as the sun set. Sounds picturesque, huh? It was!

For the early risers eager to begin their day with renewed energy, Andrew continued to lead qigong each morning before class. Thank you, Andy!!

Andrew Greenberg L.Ac. leading qigong at AcuGrowth’s Kick-off Reception in the park.

Content That Empowers: Symposium Highlights

Saturday and Sunday at the Acupuncture Growth Symposium was a fast paced deep dive into actionable content and groundbreaking insights with the intent to have a direct impact on practitioners’ abilities to treat patients effectively. We brought in some of the best in the field, those who’ve successfully tackled some of today’s toughest health conditions.

If you missed out on attending live, you are in luck, we have recordings available for purchase at this link: Click Here

Allow me to introduce the brilliant minds who graced the symposium stage. Each of them brought their own unique expertise:

Dr. Adrian Larsen started us off on Saturday morning with “The Heavenly Energy: A Deeper Understanding of Qi” a class that focused on the ramifications of Qi in light of physics, quantum physics and practical clinical application through various tools and technologies. We learned about the mechanisms behind needle and non-needle acupuncture techniques in light of ancient acupuncture texts and applied what we learned to practical use.

Dr. Mark Crapo‘s presentation, “Treating Nicotine Addiction,” introduced a treatment protocol that participants could promptly learn, explain, and apply to patients dealing with various addictions as soon as they returned home. Dr Crapo’s expertise in pain management and addiction treatment has significantly impacted the field, offering hope and healing to countless individuals. 

Dr. Mark Crapo demonstrating his addiction treatment protocol.

Later that day, Dr. Crapo also led one of our intensive breakout sessions. Participants had the chance to embark on their unique learning journey by selecting one of two available classes and breaking into smaller groups. Dr. Mark Crapo’s Breakout Session, titled “Atemi Waza – Acupuncture Points for Self Defense,” jumped into uncharted territory at this year’s AcuGrowth Symposium, and it received resounding praise. This session shared insights about more than a dozen acupuncture points for self-defense, enabling participants to escape or control an assailant effectively. It offered an engaging, hands-on opportunity for attendees to practice these powerful acupuncture techniques.

If you missed out on attending live, you are in luck, we have recordings available for purchase at this link: Click Here

Dr. Kenzi Agnew‘s holistic approach to Chinese Medicine addressing the entire spectrum of human well-being has garnered admiration. Her thriving practice, with a constant stream of referrals, is a testament to her mastery. With “The Missing Link in Health Care” she delved into nervous system regulation, and tapping into the Parasympathetic state for optimal healing. She, along with Dr. Kimberly Thompson, led the other breakout session that day, “Meridian Graphing Practicum”, a hands on practicum to apply Ryodoraku techniques taught at the symposium.

Dr. Kenzi Agnew presenting, “The Missing Link in Health Care”.
Dr. Kimberly Thompson teaching consistent pressure is the key to graphing in one of the breakout session groups, “Meridian Graphing Practicum”.
Two attendees getting to know one another while practicing graphing techniques.

Dr. Kimberly Thompson specializes in conquering the most perplexing health conditions, from fibromyalgia to neurological disorders, earning her recognition as a global mentor for acupuncturists. She presented, “Acupuncture Channel Theory: The Secret Sauce to Successful Treatment of Medical Lost Causes” where we learned how to recognize, understand and analyze difficult health conditions through digital analysis of the acupuncture pathways. She’s also teaching this course for our friends in Europe November 4-5, 2023. For more info, click here. The presentation is one you wouldn’t want to miss, brimming with new insights.

If you missed out on attending live, and can’t make it to Amsterdam in November, you are in luck, we have recordings available at this link: Click Here

Dr. Jeremy Steiner is an outstanding acupuncturist and teacher, Dr. Steiner’s innovations, including The P3 Acupuncture System and Electron Adapted Neurotherapy Protocols, have transformed both patients and practitioners’ lives. Dr. Steiner added to his catalog of transforming information with his presentation at AcuGrowth Symposium with “Charged Smile: Diagnosis and Treatment of Terrain Through Tooth Circuitry”.

Dr. Jake Fratkin: Combining Chinese herbal medicine, Japanese meridian balancing acupuncture, and Functional Medicine, Dr. Fratkin has become a specialist in internal disorders, infections, and pediatrics. Dr. Fratkin pioneered his own unique method of balancing the meridians called “The 3-Level Acupuncture Balance Method” which he taught at our Symposium. For more information on this method, click here

In Conclusion: Shaping the Future of Acupuncture

The Acupuncture Growth Symposium 2023 was not just an event; it was a transformational experience for us. With an array of expert instructors, practical content, and the chance for distance learning through recorded sessions, this symposium has set the stage for a radiant future in acupuncture.

This event’s triumph underlines the unyielding commitment of the acupuncture community to provide the highest level of care to those seeking holistic and effective healing solutions.

So, whether you were with us in person or have secured the recordings, your voyage toward becoming the finest acupuncturist imaginable has been initiated, and we believe that the possibilities are infinite.
Thank you Everyone!!

— Miridia Technology Team

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