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One little point, so many amazing reasons to use it. Governor Vessel 20 (also known as Du 20), is found at the top of the head, inline with the tips of the ears. Among other things, you can use this point for a headache, to clear your mind because of overthinking, to increase memory, to resolve hemorrhoids, AND counteract depression.

When I was in college, it was very common to see students walking around with a needle coming out of the top of their head, kind of like a species from outer space! They were using Governor Vessel 20 to both clear their minds and to increase memory at the same time.

A massage on this point is WONDERFUL! If I was going to pick a point that nearly everyone should have during treatment this is the one. Who does’t need a treatment to clear their mind, sharpen their memory and perpetuate happiness? Besides that, it just feels good.

Chakra Connection: Conception Vessel 20 matches the location for the crown chakra. The crown chakra represents the pathway to be fully connected on a spiritual level.


Acupuncture Point GV20

The following information is from the Points Acupuncture Reference Software:


Acupuncture Point: Governor Vessel 20 (Gv 20, Gv20) ‘Crown Chakra’

Chinese Name: Bai Hui

English Name: Hundred Meetings

Location: At the vertex, on the midline, 5 cun posterior to the anterior hairline.

Attributes: Meeting point of the Governing vessel with the Bladder, Gall Bladder, Triple Energizer, and Liver channels. Point of the Sea of Marrow and Bone.

TCM Actions: Extinguishes liver wind and subdues liver yang; clears the spirit-disposition and returns inversion; lifts fallen yang Qi and discharges blazing heat in the yang channels.

Indications: Mania and withdrawal; wind strike; headache; dizziness; tinnitus; visual dizziness; nasal congestion; prolapse of the rectum.GV20-line

Secondary Indications: Fright palpitations; impaired memory; epilepsy; deathlike inversion; deafness; wind dizziness and heavy-headedness; blindness; vertex headache; vaginal protrusion; hemorrhoidal disease; tetany; clenched jaws; hemiplegia; vexation and oppression in the heart; loss of taste.

Needle Information: Subcutaneous insertion .3 – .5 cun. Moxibustion is applicable.



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Dr. Adrian Larsen

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