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Conception Vessel 6 (CV 6) is a point that runs deep and has a powerful impact. If I had to describe it simply I would say that it nourishes the body. This point is FANTASTIC for strengthening someone after surgery, after childbirth or chemotherapy. It also strengthens the function of digestion, menstruation, and fertility. Acupuncturists will often supplement the treatment of Conception Vessel 6 with moxa.

When I have patients who suffer from severe weakness and deficiency I like to have them treat their lower abdomen with a caster oil hot pack in between treatments in the office. This treatment is very relaxing and nurturing, and it works to strengthen a person who is weak and frigid.


Acupuncture Point CV 6


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Acupuncture Point: Conception Vessel 6 (CV 6, CV6)

Chinese Name: Qi Hai

English Name: Sea of Qi

Location:On the midline, 1.5 cun inferior to the umbilicus.

TCM Actions: Regulates Qi and boosts the origin; banks the kidney and supplements vacuity; harmonizes construction-blood; treats menstrual disorders and vaginal discharge; warms the lower burner; dispels damp turbidity.CV6-line

Indications:Metrorrhagia; vaginal discharge; irregular menstruation; postpartum hemorrhage; hernia; enuresis; abdominal pain; diarrhea; constipation; edema; wind-strike desertion patterns.

Secondary Indications:Cold damage periumbilical pain; yin pattern testicular retraction; yang desertion; inversion frigidity of the limbs; organ Qi vacuity fatigue; insufficiency of true qi; lumbar pain; urinary incontinence in children; cardialgia; sudden strike desertion patterns; pain throughout the organs and viscera; rough micturition with dark urine; infertility; summer heat stroke.

Needle Information:Perpendicular insertion .8 – 1.2 cun. Moxibustion is applicable.

Cautions:Deep insertion may penetrate the peritoneal cavity. No deep needle in pregnancy

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Dr. Adrian Larsen

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