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Installing the New AcuGraph Update

A new AcuGraph software update is now available—version it includes a really cool new feature we’re excited to tell you about.

But first, we wanted to remind you that if you’re having trouble with updating your software, first try downloading a fresh copy of the AcuGraph from and following the installation instructions. Feel free to reach out to our team via email, chat, or phone if you need assistance with the update!

Changing the Measurement Scale in AcuGraph – Huh?

Now, for the exciting new feature! We have added a new toggle in AcuGraph that allows you to change the measurement scale. You can now choose from 2 options—a 200 scale (which is the standard scale you’re used to) or a 100 scale, which is useful for certain treatment techniques and diagnostic systems. Wondering why you’d want to change the scale and how to do it? We’d recommend watching the short video below for a demonstration and explanation. Or, feel free to read on!

As mentioned above, we programmed AcuGraph originally to a standard 200 scale. You can see the numbers on the left side of the graph range from 0-200. This is the original scale Dr. Nakatani used for Ryodoraku. 

changing the measurement scale in AcuGraph

Although the 200 scale is sufficient for most practitioners, there are some methods of diagnosis which require a 100 scale—readings measured from 0-100. AcuGraph now has a toggle switch that allows you to choose the scale you prefer. 

When you change the scale, highs and lows will not change and the graph will retain its shape–the readings have simply been divided by 2. You can see this below. Notice that the gray numbers on the side of the graph range from 0-100. Please note that all scaled graph types will be affected, including yin/yang, by element, 5 elements, energy cycle, etc.

measurement scale in AcuGraph

When you change to a 100 scale, all of your graphs, past and present, including within your patients’ histories, will convert to the same 100 scale for continuity. You can always toggle the switch back to 200 and everything will revert back to the 200 scale.

How to Toggle the Measurement Scale

To toggle the measurement scale, click on the settings icon, accessible from anywhere in the software on the top lefthand side of the window. In the general tab, you’ll find “Measurement Scale” with a toggle switch for 100 or 200. Simply choose the setting you prefer and go back to the graph screen.

measurement scale in AcuGraph

Thanks for Helping us Ever Improve!

As ever, changes and updates to AcuGraph are driven by you, our customers, and your fantastic feedback. Thank you for being part of the AcuGraph family!

Questions? Comments? Feedback? Suggestions for new AcuGraph changes? Please reach out to our team!

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-Dr. Larsen

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