Webinar: 8 AcuGraph Features you Likely Aren’t Using—But Should! 5/5 (7)

8 AcuGraph Features OK, gang, it’s time, once again, to get our hands dirty! AcuGraph offers a rich variety of very useful features that sometimes get overlooked by many users. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shown someone a capability in AcuGraph only to be answered with, “Wow,... Read more

Webinar: Patients are Getting Better, Faster Part 2 5/5 (8)

This is the second, and final, webinar in the Patients are Getting Better, Faster series. I presented the first part back in September, but because I had so much valuable information to share, I decided to do a part 2! Like part 1, this webinar is focused toward advanced practitioners and... Read more

Webinar Follow-up: Patients are Getting Better, Faster 5/5 (7)

Do you remember when I began teaching practitioners the importance of a six treatment series? I came up with my “magical” number of six because, at the time, six was typical. When treating a patient with a difficult condition, I’ve found that a series of visits is most effective. It... Read more

How to Use CPT Codes in Your AcuGraph Exam 5/5 (3)

We are often asked which codes should be used for AcuGraph® exams and acupuncture treatments. In an effort to provide you some direction, we have put together this short synopsis, subject to the following disclaimer: Big Disclaimer We provide the following information “as-is” with no warranty as to correctness, suitability for any particular... Read more

Did You Know? Advanced Statistical Analysis in AcuGraph with Intelligraph 5/5 (4)

Advanced Statistical Analysis in AcuGraph with Intelligraph Intelligraph is the next generation of advanced Digital Meridian Analysis, and it provides the most accurate graph assessments EVER available by ANY method.   This unique feature uses the statistical norms established from over 100,000 individual graphs to dynamically correct each meridian reading for patient age, gender, meridian,... Read more