Webinar Follow-up: Patients are Getting Better, Faster

Do you remember when I began teaching practitioners the importance of a six treatment series? I came up with my “magical” number of six because, at the time, six was typical. When treating a patient with a difficult condition, I’ve found that a series of visits is most effective. It... Read more

Auriculotherapy Interview with Dr. Adrian Larsen and Kimberly Thompson L.Ac.

Dr. Adrian Larsen sat down with Kimberly Thompson L.Ac. for an auriculotherapy interview her about  her experience with the technique. They cover everything from what she learned in acupuncture school, to how she used the technique in clinic, how she adapted her own clinic to use it with practically every... Read more

Why you need to build professional referral bridges

————————————– Wanted: Successful Acupuncturist Seeking well-educated, charming, and nicely groomed acupuncturist who gets good results. Must have good communication skills and polite bedside manners. Practical experience in the field of bridge building is a MUST. ————————————– If this ad were for a real position, would it apply to you? Why... Read more

Why the Heck is my Back Weak?

Recently, I had a regular wellness patient ask me this question: “Why the heck is my back weak?” That is a really good question–but not such an easy answer if you are thinking in terms of TCM theory. According to TCM there are multiple reasons including Kidney Qi Deficiency, Kidney Yang... Read more

Case Study: Breast – Lung Cancer

Take a look at this case of breast and lung cancer treatment! Dr. Chris Teo, like so many of you, selflessly serves humanity by helping those who are perhaps beyond hope.    “When you are told that you have no hope, to be prepared for your imminent death, we believe... Read more

Treatment for Depression

We had a Laser Case Study Contest that generated some amazing stories of how Laser therapy helped their patients. There were lots of great entries, here are the top three! Third Place – Topic: Healing: “The Scar that Wouldn’t Heal” by Martha Hall, L.Ac. Second Place – Topic: Pain & mobility: “She... Read more