Transformative Healing: A Customer’s Journey with Photizo Light Therapy 5/5 (10)

Here at Miridia, we love hearing from our customers about how our products are helping them! Knowing we have provided tools to improve lives is what keeps us all excited and engaged here at Miridia. That's why I'm so pleased to share this Photizo review we just received from one of our practitioners. Read more

“Back to School” means Back to Patients…Are You Ready? 5/5 (38)

Isn’t it exciting? After all of the vacations, reunions and hot summer days…the kids are now heading back to school! Even if you don’t have kids, or they are grown, Back to School brings a collective sigh of relief since that’s when patients return to their normal schedule and practices... Read more

Dr. Jake Fratkin Live Training Report (and pictures!) 5/5 (40)

Here at Miridia headquarters, we spent the weekend holding our live training with Dr. Jake Paul Fratkin. “Clinical Applications of AcuGraph Meridian Diagnostics” was a huge success. Every seat sold out and very high ratings from attendees. Highlights included advanced graph interpretation and treatment, Japanese needling techniques and philosophy, Dr. Fratkin’s... Read more

Great article on Digital Meridian Imaging 5/5 (31)

Hello Friends, There’s a great article up at Acupuncture Today about Digital Meridian Imaging. Monique Smith, LAc, talks about her journey from skepticism of acupuncture software to understanding, and ultimately embracing AcuGraph in her practice. Check it out here: Acupuncture Today Article When you get there, don’t forget to hit... Read more