“Back to School” means Back to Patients…Are You Ready? 5/5 (38)

Isn’t it exciting? After all of the vacations, reunions and hot summer days…the kids are now heading back to school! Even if you don’t have kids, or they are grown, Back to School brings a collective sigh of relief since that’s when patients return to their normal schedule and practices become busy again.

As we contemplate our kids going back to school, we mentally start the checklist of the things we want to accomplish before the end of the year (because we know year-end will be here sooner than we realize!).

Here are 3 things you can do to make this your best year ever!

1. Increase the number of new patients you see.

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If practice growth is at the top of your list, then NOW is the time to invest in an AcuGraph. According to the 2012 Practitioner survey, AcuGraph owners add 28% more new patients every month. AcuGraph helps patients understand their treatment and makes it easy for them to refer their family and friends. As a marketing tool, it is unmatched. The ability to conduct a quick, screening exam makes it simple to gain new patients from health fairs and public events because you have hands-on interaction with them. You will make more of an impression than other practitioners they might meet at such an event.

2. Increase the number of patients you see for Wellness visits. So we’re all thinking of the same thing, let me explain how I categorize patients visits – New Patient Visits = brand new 1st time patients, Return patient visits = visits as part of a treatment program, Wellness visits = monthly preventative visits.

Increasing the number of Wellness visits can have a significant effect on your revenue. Take a look at the table. According to survey results, many practitioners work a 4-day week and see 2-3 new patients each week. Those new patients become return patients when they begin a typical 4-6 week treatment program. When the treatment program is over, it is important that the patients transition to a monthly, Wellness visit. The key to a vibrant practice is a high percentage of Wellness visits. The AcuGraph gives the patient physical evidence of improvement and how important it is to “keep the graph balanced.” This evidence is what the patient needs to see to justify ongoing maintenance care.

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3. Improve your ability to identify and treat your patients conditions. Practitioners often share that their initial reason for purchasing the AcuGraph system was for marketing. They quickly discovered how much the patients liked it, so they began using it regularly. As they do, they realize the AcuGraph provides additional support for their diagnosis as well as suggestions for alternative treatments.

The video on the right explains it much better than I can! Take a minute and hear what practitioners have to say.

If you‘ve been waiting to invest in your AcuGraph…now is the time!

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Alan Gifford MS, Practice Coach

For 20 years, Alan worked in the corporate world as a director of sales and marketing. He made a career change in 2003, returning to complete his Masters degree in Exercise and Wellness from Arizona State University. As a marketer and Exercise Physiologist, Alan spent the next four years working with Healthcare practitioners to increase patient volume, satisfaction and retention. He now works directly with clients of Miridia Technology to promote their practice and patient experience. In addition to English, he is fluent in Spanish and assists in developing our Latin-market presence.

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