Dr. Jake Fratkin Live Training Report (and pictures!) 5/5 (40)

Here at Miridia headquarters, we spent the weekend holding our live training with Dr. Jake Paul Fratkin. Clinical Applications of AcuGraph Meridian Diagnostics” was a huge success. Every seat sold out and very high ratings from attendees.

Highlights included advanced graph interpretation and treatment, Japanese needling techniques and philosophy, Dr. Fratkin’s wealth of clinical experience, and of course, my bare backside. (Dr. Fratkin demonstrated his back treatment on me in front of the class–including needling GB 30.)

We had a really great group of practitioners, including brand new AcuGraph users and well-seasoned veterans. Thanks to all who participated–it was an amazing weekend. How amazing?

Here are some pictures and a few quotes from attendees…


The weekend was well attended and a huge success

I recommend this course to all acupuncturists–even the ones that don’t own the AcuGraph (yet.) It covers all the basics in meridian therapy and expands their knowledge and adds to all that they already know.

Dr. Fratkin taught advanced graph interpretation

Jake is a wonderful speaker and teacher–entertaining and extremely knowledgeable with great willingness to share.

Lunchtime was a great time!
Dr. Fratkin’s demonstrations were projected on the big screen for the whole class

Fantastic class! I so appreciate everything you all do here…just wish the class was longer for all the travel. Can’t wait for the next one!

Cameron took a much-needed rest during a break

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Dr. Adrian Larsen

Adrian P. Larsen, D.C., F.A.S.A., C.Ac. Dr. Larsen is President of Miridia Technology Inc., and one of the developers of the AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging system. He currently divides his time between research, product development, and teaching. Dr. Larsen also holds certifications in Applied Kinesiology and CPK, and has specialized training in SOT and craniopathy. He, his wife, and 7 children reside in Meridian, Idaho.

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    1. Creo que es imprescindible que los cursos, capacitación y videos sean realizados por equidad y reciprocidad con los usuarios de AcuGraph, en ESPAÑOL, para quienes no entedemos y leemos ingles


      1. Varios idiomas, serán en breve. Yo no tengo una fecha todavía, pero ten cuidado con el e-mail. Sé que están emocionados. ¡Nosotros también!



  1. Que posibilidad hay Doctor LARSEN de donar un programa con su sensor a nuestra fundación tercer tercermundista de Chinácota, Norte de Santander, Colombia, para la asistencia de nuestras comunidades mas pobres?

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