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Stimplus PackagesHello Everyone,

Our StimPlus Pro and Auriculo 3D packages have made a real difference for many practitioners.

I received the following case report from one of our clients and I just had to share it.


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Hello Dr. Larsen,

I have been using the auricul0therapy for about three months and have been VERY PLEASED with this addition to my practice. Every patient is now receiving ear acupuncture with each treatment. I am using the Stimplus Pro to find the active points, regardless of the intended treatment. I then treat all active points—anywhere from two to ten. The results have been nothing short of outstanding!

Here is what I have found:

#1: My success rate has increased to the point that I feel confident in treating just about anything…

#2: I am seeing patients for fewer consecutive treatments and am getting better results consistently.

#3:  My referral rate has increased!

One particular story that I would like to share:

Recently I had a patient with stubborn neck and shoulder pain. He  had previously tried chiropractic, massage, and acupuncture—each of which had brought him very little relief. His wife was a patient of mine. He was impressed that her sleep issues were rectified within only five treatments, so he decided to come and see me.

After his first treatment, he was pain free for three days. I continued to treat every 3-4 days, totaling 5 treatments in all. His problems resolved and he is now scheduled for maintenance.

On his initial visit his pie score was only a 37. The Small Intestine meridian was split and read at 200 on the left side, which was no surprise since this is exactly where he was experiencing pain.

Treatment 1:

Chief Complaint: Left sided posterior shoulder/scapula and neck pain 8/10 following SI meridian. Does not sleep due to pain. Sits at desk most days, high stress job.
Tongue: Pale, swollen, orange sides, no stasis, no coat

Pulse: Left, Wiry  Right, Slippery

• Ear-L: Shen Men, SI, Cervical-E, Lumbar-E, Thoracic-E (Nogier phase 2)
• Body: LI11, LI4, SI3, SI7-R, LV3, ST36; Fire Cupping painful area

Treatment 2:

Since last TX: Three days no pain 0/10, slept great, pain returning today 4/10
Tongue & Pulse: Unchanged

• Ear-L: Shen Men, PT Zero, SI, Cervical, Lumbar, Thoracic (Nogier phase 2)
• Body: LI11, LI4, SI3, SI7-R, LV3, ST36; Fire Cupping

Treatment 3:

Since last TX: Some pain 5/10 day after last treatment, then three days no pain 0/10, still sleeping well.

• Ear-L: Shen Men, SI, Cervical-E, Lumbar-E, Neck, Shoulder (Nogier phase 2)
• Body: LI11, LI4, SI3, SI7-R, LV3, ST36; Fire Cupping

Treatment 4:

Since last TX: Neck pain for one day of last three 2/10, Cervical spinal soreness due to overstretching, sleeping well.

• Ear-L: Shen Men, PT Zero, Cervical-E + C, Lumbar-E (Nogier phase 2)
• Body: LI11, LI4, SI3, SI7-R, LV3, ST36; Fire Cupping

Treatment 5:

Since last TX: Pain gone since last treatment. Move patient to maintenance.

• Ear-L: Shen Men, PT Zero, Cervical-E (Nogier phase 2)
• Body: LI11, LI4, LU5, LV3, ST36, SP4-L; Fire Cupping

After his last treatment his pie score improved from a 37 to an 85 and his Small Intestine channel went from an extreme split to a slight deficiency. These AMAZING RESULTS came after only 5 treatments!

I feel as if Auriculotherapy was “The Missing Link” in my practice. By adding in auricular  treatments for every patient, I have obtained better results than I could have ever imagined. Thank you, Dr. Larsen, for everything you have done for this wonderful medicine!


James Pedersen
Valley Acupuncture Health Solutions

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Dr. Adrian Larsen

Adrian P. Larsen, D.C., F.A.S.A., C.Ac. Dr. Larsen is President of Miridia Technology Inc., and one of the developers of the AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging system. He currently divides his time between research, product development, and teaching. Dr. Larsen also holds certifications in Applied Kinesiology and CPK, and has specialized training in SOT and craniopathy. He, his wife, and 7 children reside in Meridian, Idaho.

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  1. en verdad le agradezco me tenga encuenta por bello trabajo, como usted me interesa todo lo que se puda hacer por mis pacientes y me gustaria poder saber si hay forma de aprender la tecnica pues soy acupunturista y medica alternativa,gracias. mil Bendiciones y exitos

    1. Hay una gran manera de aprender cómo hacer esto. Vamos a tener un seminario en México el 12 y 13 de marzo 2011. El seminario será en español e incluso si usted no puede llegar hasta allí, nuestro distribuidora mexicana ha hablado sobre la configuración de una conexión remota para que pueda ver el seminario en vivo a través de Internet. Puede comunicarse con ella sobre el seminario en

      — Jeff

  2. could you please direct me to the blog or link you posted several weeks ago pretaining to a patient who had auricular therapy for dialysis

  3. le agradezco la información y dado que estoy en la parte occidental de mexico, me gustaría DISTRIBUIR SUS PRODUCTOS y hacer Promoción de los seminarios.
    muchas gracias

  4. hi Dr Larsen plse send me all updates regularly im also using acugraph in india n geting very good results. thanx

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