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Gunalight Multi-device Stand Holder

Gunalight Multi-device Stand Holder

Gunalight Multi-device Stand Holder

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Enhance your light therapy sessions with the "Gunalight Multi-device Stand Holder." Designed for convenience, this adjustable stand securely positions your Gunalight for targeted treatment on both upper and lower body areas. With a tripod base and dual gooseneck mounts, it supports two devices simultaneously, ideal for efficient sessions in clinics or relaxed therapy at home. Elevate your wellness routine with this must-have accessory for hands-free Gunalight application.

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Introducing the "Gunalight Multi-device Stand Holder," a versatile and innovative solution designed to enhance your Gunalight therapy sessions. This stand functions as a steadfast companion to the Gunalight, a device approximately the size of a pen, used for delivering concentrated full-spectrum light therapy. Recognizing the need for convenience during longer sessions, this stand has been meticulously crafted to securely hold the Gunalight in place, allowing users to relax and fully immerse in the therapeutic experience without the need to manually position the device.

Modeled akin to a microphone stand, it features a sturdy tripod base and an extendable neck, capable of reaching up to 6 feet in height. The stand is equipped with a flexible gooseneck top for precise positioning of the Gunalight, ensuring it maintains the desired angle and orientation during the session. This feature is particularly beneficial for targeting points on the upper body and scalp while seated comfortably.

Moreover, the stand includes an additional gooseneck mount that attaches directly to the tripod base. This second mount is ideal for focusing the Gunalight on lower extremities, such as the legs or feet, making it perfect for comprehensive sessions covering both upper and lower body points simultaneously.

The "Gunalight Multi-device Stand Holder" can accommodate two Gunalight devices at once, doubling the efficiency of treatment sessions. This dual functionality makes it an invaluable tool for practitioners looking to optimize their clinic operations and for individuals seeking a more effective, hands-free light therapy experience at home.

This product is for the stand only, Gunalight device not included.