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Payment Plans

Payment Plans through Paypal

Thank you for shopping at our online store!

We are proud to accept PayPal as a payment option for orders in our online store! PayPal offers a number of simplified payment options for customers world-wide. In additional to allowing payment via credit card, PayPal allows direct payments from your bank or financial institution, or even payment plans through PayPal Credit.

PayPal Credit does not apply to orders requiring recurring payment, including all AcuGraph purchases and service and support renewals.

If you have additional questions about PayPal credit please contact PayPal Customer Support directly at (866) 528-3733.

AcuGraph Payment Plans

Do you offer payment plans for AcuGraph purchases?

Yes, we do have payment plan options for AcuGraph packages. There are special terms and requirements for this, and these are only available by contacting our customer service department and specifically requesting the AcuGraph Payment Plan information. Please call during business hours to 208-846-8448 or send an email to help@miridiatech.com to request more information about this.