2 Different Graphs, 1 Simple Solution 5/5 (45)

I had such an occasion recently when I performed an AcuGraph exam on a regular patient. I’m pretty experienced with this patient, and I thought I knew the sort of thing to expect. So when I encountered a bunch of anomalous readings, I began to wonder, “What changed?” After the process of elimination, I figured it out - and the answer was a bit of a shock! Read more

auriculotherapy webinar

Webinar: Auriculotherapy for Beginners – Get Results NOW! 4.94/5 (36)

In this one-hour training you’ll learn—and apply—everything you need: anatomy of the auricle, locations and uses of the master points, condition-specific points, treatment techniques and strategies, the right tools for the job, and protocols for the most common conditions. Read more

Recap: AcuGrowth Symposium 2019 4.95/5 (37)

Last weekend our team here at Miridia Technology was blessed with the opportunity to host our third annual AcuGrowth Symposium in Boise, Idaho. We had more guests than ever before, and we are overwhelmed with gratitude to all those who came, participated and offered their insight, experience and presence to the group. Read more

Webinar: That Marvelous Light – Lasers and Acupuncture 4.97/5 (38)

What’s the scariest purchase you’ve ever made? I still remember mine. I was still in school, and I maxed out my credit card buying 20 lasers. Seems a strange move for a poor student, doesn’t it? Here’s what happened. I had recently been introduced to laser acupuncture, and I was hooked. I mean, I was absolutely in LOVE with the idea that I could treat points painlessly, quickly, and effectively with nothing but LIGHT! It... Read more