One Big Reason Why We do What We Do

  I have spoken a lot in the past about sitting on the fence and delaying the decision to add AcuGraph to your practice. It seems like I’m regularly making the case that a large percentage of you still don’t own AcuGraph and probably should. Sometimes I feel like a broken record. I know I talk a lot about making more money when you use AcuGraph. An average of 35% more, to be precise, based on real... Read more

The AcuGraph Report—What’s it worth?

Practitioners ask me all the time how much I charge the patient to graph them and hand them a diagnostic report. It’s a great question. I know there are some practitioners who charge the patient separately for the graph and report, and I’ve heard of charging anywhere between $15 and $50. However, I don’t charge my patients for their report. Let me tell you why. 1. AcuGraph Gives ME More Options. I have several approaches that... Read more

AcuGraph 5 Video Training: Capturing Live-photos in AcuGraph

  With the ongoing development of AcuGraph 5, I’m pleased to announce another major release to the software. This makes the 3rd major release in the past 12 months, each one with important new features and improvements. In this post I’m going to show you one of the newest features in AcuGraph 5, Capturing live photos directly in the AcuGraph software. You can use this new feature to connect a camera to your computer and capture... Read more

July Webinar: TCM Foodie—It PAY$ to be a Foodie!

Last month, Kimberly’s TCM Foodie—An Introductory Course was a huge hit! Kimberly taught you the basics on how to use “Food as Medicine” with AcuGraph dietary recommendations. This month she’ll help you expand your horizons with Part 2 of her TCM Foodie presentation:  It Pay$ to be a Foodie Kimberly believes being a TCM Foodie should be fun AND it should help you generate income. Join Kimberly live on Friday, July 22. Along with marketing strategies, she’ll... Read more

Did You Know? Treat the Patient Condition with AcuGraph

Did you know AcuGraph 5 has an expanded treatment library which includes hundreds of treatment protocols based on conditions the patient may be experiencing? With a few clicks you can add additional, powerful, treatments to your patient visit. Here’s how you do it To find the condition library, simply click on “Reference” in the top left corner of the AcuGraph window, then click on the “Conditions” tab. Each condition has a list of “Primary Points” as... Read more

Kimberly Uses AcuGraph to Know, Show and Grow her Practice! [FULL INTERVIEW]

Hello AcuGraph Friends, If you know anything about Kimberly Thompson, L.Ac., you know she lives her life with passion and purpose that carry over into everything she does. So when she decided a few months ago to reinvent her practice and take it to the next level, you can bet she did amazing things, and got amazing results. I posted a preview last week—and now the full interview is ready. Join me as I interview Kimberly about... Read more

Did You Know? AcuGraph Tracks Patient Warnings and Red Flags

Did you know that AcuGraph 5 helps you track special information for patients? Use it as a quick reminder of important information about the patient, before you begin your patient visit.  Sounds good, but why would I want to do that? Suppose you have a patient who has a pacemaker, or an allergy, or has had a surgery or has some other information you need to remember BEFORE you begin your visit with this patient. You... Read more

Kimberly Uses AcuGraph to Know, Show and Grow her Practice! [PREVIEW]

Just a quick message today to make sure you saw the 3 minute video I posted yesterday highlighting how Kimberly uses AcuGraph to Know, Show and Grow her practice. This is a preview clip of an idea we have for a full video interview that we hope to do soon. What do you think? Do you want to learn more about how Kimberly reaches these goals? Please go take a look at the video and drop a comment on the post to let us know what... Read more

The Side Effects of Acupuncture Treatment

What are the side effects of acupuncture treatment? Being the curious sort, I sometimes see what acupuncture searches are most common in Google. Some of the results are very interesting. Recently, I ran across a gem of an article about the side effects of acupuncture. It was written from a medical standpoint…and it talked about the scary stuff. Pneumothorax and hepatitis. You know, the ones that are prevented by even minimal training. Have you ever caused... Read more

Why you need to build professional referral bridges

————————————– Wanted: Successful Acupuncturist Seeking well-educated, charming, and nicely groomed acupuncturist who gets good results. Must have good communication skills and polite bedside manners. Practical experience in the field of bridge building is a MUST. ————————————– If this ad were for a real position, would it apply to you? Why does an acupuncturist NEED experience building bridges? The bridge I am referring to does not involve an engineer or require a hammer and nails. A... Read more

June Webinar: TCM Foodie—An Introductory Course

Are you a TCM Foodie? AcuGraph 5 has a fabulous new feature which allows you to create customized dietary recommendations for your patients which fit their very own unique TCM pattern. If you did not know it already, Kimberly is a true Foodie at heart. She loves food, she loves to cook, and she loves helping people heal with food. The creation of specialized dietary recommendations in AcuGraph 5 came because of her passion and... Read more

5 ‘Must-haves’ for a Successful Acupuncture Screening Event

When we take AcuGraph on the road for acupuncture trade shows, conventions and symposiums–we are the busiest booth at the event. It’s really a lot of fun having acupuncturists hang out and chat all weekend long. We’ve made many lifelong friends with acupuncturists all over the world by meeting at these events. Why do you think that is? It’s not hard to imagine why acupuncturists love coming to our booth…It’s the same reason Patients will... Read more

Is ‘Acupuncture Technology’ still an Oxymoron Idea?

“People love [AcuGraph], it gets you patients, and potential clients love the charts and insights into their health. But…” I was cleaning my home office not long ago, and you’ll never guess what I found: A phone book. The Yellow Pages, in fact. Remember those? I frankly didn’t know I still had a phone book in the house, and was not at all surprised to find that this particular example was out of date–by a... Read more

How do you keep your patients coming back?

Have you ever had trouble helping your patients understand Chinese Medicine? TCM terminology doesn’t make sense to patients who are programmed to think in terms of Western medicine. The ancient terms and concepts are important but often require an interpretation. That last thing you want to do is leave a patient confused. A confused patient doesn’t come back!  What does Your Patient Need? They need to SEE it! Don’t explain it to them–SHOW them! The... Read more

The Stubborn Graph: A Case Study

I was a stubborn child. My mother said she hoped someday I’d learn what it was like to raise a child just like me… God has a sense of humor. We have been blessed with many stubborn children over the years. You’d think I’d learned my lesson about raising strong-willed children by now, right? Apparently not. He keeps blessing me with more and more opportunities to get it right and finally, with child #9, my mom’s... Read more