AcuGraph Help

AcuGraph Help! How Do I…?

We have a lot of users who are NEW to AcuGraph. Welcome! No matter how long you’ve been a customer, sooner or later you will need AcuGraph help. You will want to read this blog post if you fit ANY of the following categories: AcuGraph is BRAND NEW to you. You recently made the jump from AcuGraph 4 to AcuGraph 5. You haven’t been using AcuGraph for awhile and want to get a fresh start.... Read more

Webinar: Presenting for Profit: 10 Minutes to Practice Growth with AcuGraph

How to present yourself, your practice, and your medicine for maximum impact and practice growth. What do you say when you are going to do an acupuncture presentation? Do you get stressed thinking about how to prepare and what to cover? This got “real” for Kimberly a couple of weeks ago when she was invited to give a presentation to her networking group. 30 women, 10 minutes, anything she wanted to say or do. So,... Read more

Auriculotherapy Interview with Dr. Adrian Larsen and Kimberly Thompson L.Ac.

Dr. Adrian Larsen sat down with Kimberly Thompson L.Ac. for an auriculotherapy interview her about  her experience with the technique. They cover everything from what she learned in acupuncture school, to how she used the technique in clinic, how she adapted her own clinic to use it with practically every patient, how she gets instant results, and why she uses this as her go-to marketing tool to lock-in new patients. No matter your experience or... Read more

Who Wants Acupuncture Referrals?

Do you love getting acupuncture referrals? AcuGraph loves helping you grow your practice. In fact, AcuGraph is so popular, we often get phone calls from patients at our corporate headquarters who are looking for AcuGraph practitioners in their area. We’ve changed some things in AcuGraph 5. Your subscription to AcuGraph 5 allows you to be a part of our  free acupuncture referral directory. It will be worth your while to learn a few things. Are you listed in our... Read more

Acupuncture Technology Symposium 2017

Acupuncture Technology Symposium 2017

Miridia Acupuncture Technology is sponsoring the first-ever Acupuncture Technology Symposium in May 2017. The Symposium will be held at Johns Hopkins University Montgomery Campus in Rockville, Maryland. Acupuncture is age-old medicine, but in this ever-changing, technology-driven world, the advancements in both objective acupuncture documentation and cutting-edge treatment tools and techniques should be at the heart of every acupuncture practice. This 3-day symposium will cover many topics of technology-based acupuncture. From measurement and analysis to treatment and... Read more

Can Acupuncture Stickers work too?

Did You Get a Sticker?

I voted, did you? Did you get a sticker? Did you proudly post a selfie with your sticker on social media, telling the whole world that you did something you believed in? Most of you are plenty tired of hearing about the election but bear with me for a moment while I share something really COOL! The December 2016 issue of Acupuncture Today just hit the mailboxes. Have you seen it? I wrote an article about... Read more

Webinar: Acupuncture Proof, Placebo and Powerful Marketing

Free Webinar: Acupuncture Proof, Placebo and Powerful Marketing

Have you ever had someone ask you for acupuncture proof? Or have you ever been told that “it’s just placebo”? I have, and more regularly than I ever expected I would. Clearly, word gets around that it can’t be proven, or it doesn’t actually work. Acupuncture is widely maligned in “science” and the popular press as nothing more than an elaborate, theatrical placebo. Yet, important studies refute this notion and show there is more to acupuncture than... Read more

Jake Fratkin Teaches Three-Level Acupuncture Balance Integrating Japanese Acupuncture with AcuGraph Computer Diagnosis

Dr. Jake Fratkin Acupuncture Balance Seminar

Three-Level Acupuncture Balance Seminar Integrating Japanese Acupuncture with AcuGraph Computer Diagnosis February 17–18, 2017 • Boulder Marriott • Boulder CO In this acupuncture balance seminar Dr. Jake Fratkin will teach a deep and powerful balancing method integrating Primary Channels, Extraordinary Channels, and Divergence Channels into a single treatment protocol. Treatment demonstrations will focus on light-touch Japanese-style acupuncture that Dr. Fratkin uses daily in his practice. Taught by Jake Paul Fratkin, OMD, L.Ac. 40 years experience in Japanese... Read more

Acupuncture Practice Opportunities

Well, it Happened. How do we Move Forward?

Post-apocalyptic Acupuncture Practice Opportunities Wow. Almost nobody saw it coming. We thought it was a sure thing; the outcome was a foregone conclusion. And yet, when it hit, it caught nearly everyone by surprise, resulting in shock, fear, uncertainty, even outrage. Who even suspected we’d end up here? No, I’m not talking about the election—yet. But I easily could be, couldn’t I? The scenario does have a certain familiar ring. Actually, I was talking about the Great... Read more

Lasers and LED Lights

Thumbs UP for the AAH Light—More About Lasers and LED Lights

Two questions always come up: What are the differences between Lasers and LED Lights? AND, how do you use them in your clinic? I just returned from the Pacific Symposium in San Diego and had both Lasers and LED Lights on display at our booth. Of course the typical questions always came up. 1. What is the difference between the Lasers and LED Lights (AAH Lights)? The AAH light is LED and has a broader tip than lasers,... Read more

Dr. Larsen Teaches AcuGraph Seminar Training in Europe

2016 AcuGraph Training in Europe

We’re excited to announce the 2016 AcuGraph Seminar in the Netherlands! For the first time in over five years, we’re teaching a live AcuGraph seminar in Europe, and YOU are invited to join us! At this two-day event, Dr. Adrian Larsen will teach it all, from the basics of meridian graphing, to advanced clinical applications. Topics covered include the following: Contents of the seminar: Ryodoraku history and development Scientific validation of meridian graphing Meridian theory and... Read more

What is the Graph REALLY Showing?

This year, just for a change, I attended the ACEP conference in Santa Clara, California. It was a great experience, but what was most surprising was what it taught me about AcuGraph and the “energy” it measures.  You might be surprised at what I learned. I’ll cut to the chase and tell you up front, AcuGraph is measuring more than I thought it was. When people ask me what is being measured, I usually respond along the... Read more

Special AcuGraph Training at PCOM with Dr. Jake Fratkin

I’m so excited about this announcement, I won’t even bother giving a flowery introduction. I’ll just get right to it: Dr. Jake Fratkin has finally agreed to spill the beans! There, I feel better. Now for some background: Renowned acupuncturist and author Jake Fratkin, OMD, L.Ac., has used AcuGraph on every one of his patients since 2012. During that time he’s developed certain special protocols that take AcuGraph insights to a whole new level, and get... Read more

nogier auriculotherapy seminar

Auriculotherapy Gems from Dr. Nogier

The webinar this month is going to be a little different than the webinars we have done in the past because this is going to be an Auriculotherapy Webinar. A few days ago I was sitting in class learning from Dr. Nogier about the history and direct application of acupuncture and auriculotherapy. The seminar was absolutely remarkable! While Kimberly and I were sitting there learning all the wonderful things, it occurred to us that instead of the webinar we... Read more

Did You Know? Teach patients to self-treat at home with Home Care!

Did you know AcuGraph 5 has a built in framework for sending patients home with instructions and images of acupuncture points that they can treat at home to continue improvement? With a single click you can mark any of the points from your treatment plan for Home Care.    Why should I make Home Care suggestions? If you’re not doing it yet, using Home Care treatment options is a good idea for 3 reasons: Improved Outcomes: When your patient... Read more