nogier auriculotherapy seminar

Auriculotherapy Gems from Dr. Nogier

The webinar this month is going to be a little different than the webinars we have done in the past because this is going to be an Auriculotherapy Webinar. A few days ago I was sitting in class learning from Dr. Nogier about the history and direct application of acupuncture and auriculotherapy. The seminar was absolutely remarkable! While Kimberly and I were sitting there learning all the wonderful things, it occurred to us that instead of the webinar we... Read more

Did You Know? Teach patients to self-treat at home with Home Care!

Did you know AcuGraph 5 has a built in framework for sending patients home with instructions and images of acupuncture points that they can treat at home to continue improvement? With a single click you can mark any of the points from your treatment plan for Home Care.    Why should I make Home Care suggestions? If you’re not doing it yet, using Home Care treatment options is a good idea for 3 reasons: Improved Outcomes: When your patient... Read more

A “Little” Something New – Acupuncture Stickers!

Here’s something cool…At our last big acupuncture convention in Florida (FSOMA) we brought these “little” Acupuncture Stickers with us to the booth–and it was a BIG hit. Everyone wanted one. Before I talk about what I did, let me tell you why I did it… You are probably in the same position I was! So, here’s the story… I go to a number of shows every year, and I’m always looking for something that can help me... Read more

AcuGraph Webinar: Outside the Box – 3 AcuGraph Case Studies

  If your goal is to become an EXPERT in AcuGraph Analysis, you are in for a treat! Kimberly is doing a special webinar specifically related to graph analysis; patient education; and her own unique treatment strategies. Kimberly is excellent at graph analysis. You’ve read her strategies via the Case Study Book and our blog, and many of you have even taken Kimberly’s “Expert Graph Analysis” continuing education course. This webinar is one you will... Read more

Lasers are Beautiful!

I have a lot of wellness patients in my clinic who come in for regular tune-ups. Most of them no longer have extreme problems, but they still love to come in for acupuncture on a regular basis. I think it’s because I spoil them. Lately, I’ve been doing something new on both old and new patients. New patients don’t realize that my technique is new, but long-term patients are noticing that something is “different” with... Read more

AcuGraph is celebrating a Birthday!

AcuGraph 5 is turning 1 year old this week. When I realized this, it made me sit back and think for a few minutes about a few things: AcuGraph 1 was first available for sale in the fall of 2003. This 1 year birthday of AcuGraph 5 is also a celebration of 13 years of continuing AcuGraph innovation and development. That’s quite an accomplishment, and one I’m very proud of. The pace of development and growth... Read more

Did You Know? AcuGraph Online Account Portal

Did you know AcuGraph has an online account portal. Plus, a step-by-step instructions for how to get the most out of AcuGraph in your practice? It also has software, service and support plan and billing information, as well as access to ongoing live-training webinars, the practitioner directory, and more! To access it, click here. AcuGraph Online Account Portal At the login page you will need to enter your AcuGraph service plan credentials to complete your login.... Read more

How to Pay for your AcuGraph–in One Month!

OK, I know the title is ambitious. Paying for a $2,000+ investment in one month may seem like a bit much for many acupuncture practices. Things can be tough out there, and too many practices struggle. But I’m not kidding when I say this is possible. In fact, not only is it possible, but in my opinion, it’s a MUST for anyone who plans to invest in AcuGraph. So in this post, I’m going to show you... Read more

August Webinar: Common AcuGraph Mistakes

How Many of these Common AcuGraph Mistakes are you Making? In this live webinar, we’ll dive into our treasure trove of rookie, and not-so-rookie mistakes to highlight some of the ways AcuGraph users miss the mark. Of course, the upshot is that by showing you what NOT to do, we’ll help you learn better ways to get even more out of your AcuGraph investment. Whether you’re an AcuGraph beginner or seasoned user, you’re guaranteed to... Read more

Why a Screening Exam for AcuGraph?

I’m often asked: “What is the AcuGraph Screening Exam?” That’s a good question. An even better one might be, “WHY do I need the AcuGraph Screening Exam?” I’ll answer both of these questions in this post today. Benefits of AcuGraph Screening Exam 1. The AcuGraph Screening Exam provides 2 tools in one:  First, it gives you the Screening Exam Mode, which assesses only the client’s hands. This eliminates the need to ask strangers to remove their shoes and... Read more

One Big Reason Why We do What We Do

  I have spoken a lot in the past about sitting on the fence and delaying the decision to add AcuGraph to your practice. It seems like I’m regularly making the case that a large percentage of you still don’t own AcuGraph and probably should. Sometimes I feel like a broken record. I know I talk a lot about making more money when you use AcuGraph. An average of 35% more, to be precise, based on real... Read more

The AcuGraph Report—What’s it worth?

Practitioners ask me all the time how much I charge the patient to graph them and hand them a diagnostic report. It’s a great question. I know there are some practitioners who charge the patient separately for the graph and report, and I’ve heard of charging anywhere between $15 and $50. However, I don’t charge my patients for their report. Let me tell you why. 1. AcuGraph Gives ME More Options. I have several approaches that... Read more

AcuGraph 5 Video Training: Capturing Live-photos in AcuGraph

  With the ongoing development of AcuGraph 5, I’m pleased to announce another major release to the software. This makes the 3rd major release in the past 12 months, each one with important new features and improvements. In this post I’m going to show you one of the newest features in AcuGraph 5, Capturing live photos directly in the AcuGraph software. You can use this new feature to connect a camera to your computer and capture... Read more

July Webinar: TCM Foodie—It PAY$ to be a Foodie!

Last month, Kimberly’s TCM Foodie—An Introductory Course was a huge hit! Kimberly taught you the basics on how to use “Food as Medicine” with AcuGraph dietary recommendations. This month she’ll help you expand your horizons with Part 2 of her TCM Foodie presentation:  It Pay$ to be a Foodie Kimberly believes being a TCM Foodie should be fun AND it should help you generate income. Join Kimberly live on Friday, July 22. Along with marketing strategies, she’ll... Read more

Did You Know? Treat the Patient Condition with AcuGraph

You may think AcuGraph is only for graphing, but that’s not the case! Did you know AcuGraph has an expanded library that includes hundreds of treatment protocols for various conditions your patient may be experiencing? In addition to its graphing capabilities, AcuGraph is a complete reference library! Have you taken advantage of this useful feature?  With a few clicks you can add additional, powerful, treatments to your patient visit. Here’s how you do it: To find... Read more