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The Best-Kept Secret of Natural Medicine

This may be the best-kept secret of natural medicine… and it’s finally starting to come to light.

When used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, ear acupuncture, or auriculotherapy, is the “secret ingredient” that can make the difference between comfortable, successful weight loss, and uncomfortable deprivation and failure.

The secret to ear acupuncture’s success is its unmatched ability to affect many different body systems in a single treatment. How? Well, your tiny ear is actually a map of hundreds of unique points that correspond with different parts of your body. When stimulated, these points send out powerful signals. Some encourage hormone regulation, others help modulate pain or soothe anxiety. These biochemical changes are well-studied and documented affects of auriculotherapy.

If you’re interested in trying auriculotherapy for weight control, check out the video below! We’ll walk you step by step through the process and you’ll be on your way to powerful auriculotherapy treatments in no time!

Video: Auriculotherapy for Weight Loss

But what makes ear acupuncture so good for supporting weight loss?

1. Ear Acupuncture Supports Addiction Recovery

Now, of course, addiction may be a surprising word when it comes to food cravings and weight loss. Who’s to say it’s an addiction at all?

But the truth is, a “craving” is just the manifestation of a chemical desire coming from your brain–or in other words, an addiction. When your brain is used to a certain behavior and a habit has formed, that habit becomes a sort of addiction–something that signals to your brain that good, happy things are happening. This causes you to seek it out again and again.

Food is one of the most ritualistic parts of the human experience. We gather over food, we bond over food. We soothe ourselves with food and reward ourselves with food. Unfortunately, these behaviors are not always biologically sound, and can lead to unhealthy habits.

That’s where ear acupuncture comes in. Research suggests that ear acupuncture can help reset those pathways of craving and reward to strengthen your resolve to stick to your eating and exercise plan!

2. Ear Acupuncture May Help with Mood

According to this study (along with others cited at the end of this post), auriculotherapy has the potential to profoundly improve mood and reduce sleep disturbances. Mood is a huge component of successful weight loss! Breaking poor eating habits and totally rewriting one’s routine is never easy–and often, it leads to unexplained negative emotions and feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, frustration and deprivation. It’s hard to push through a new lifestyle change when these strong underlying emotions are screaming at you to quit.

That’s where auriculotherapy comes in! It may help strengthen your resolve and balance your mood as you work to break old habits and forge a new relationship with food.

3. Ear Acupuncture Balances the Acupuncture Meridians

According to Chinese Medicine, there are many pathways–or channels of energy–that run through the body. They’re called Meridians! They each have different responsibilities and functions, but they’re all connected to each other. When one meridian is holding on to too much energy (Qi), another channel won’t receive enough. These patterns of excess and deficiency overtime can lead to symptoms, illness and disease.

On the other hand, when the meridians are balanced and Qi is able to flow freely through the body, the body has the innate ability to heal and thrive naturally. The purpose of acupuncture and auriculotherapy is two-fold. First, it strives to achieve balance in the meridians. And second, it strives to mitigate and relieve symptoms. The two processes go hand in hand!

Interested in reading some studies that highlight the importance of including auriculotherapy in a weight loss program? Find a full list of resources at the bottom of this post!

How Do I Treat?

Okay, now that you know that auriculotherapy is a powerful component of your weight loss program, you’re probably starting to wonder… how do I treat these points? And with what?

You’re on the right track! There are a few vital components to effective, accurate ear acupuncture.

1. A Good Reference Guide

The first thing you’ll need in order to treat the ear is a really good reference guide. Something that will show you WHAT points to treat, and WHERE the points are in an understandable, accurate picture. The only problem is, there are acupuncture points in all the nooks and crannies, including on the back of your ear. It would be pretty hard to see them all in a 2D image.

That’s why the best reference tool in the business is Auriculo 360. Check out the GIF below – as you can see, Auriculo 360 gives you a fully 3-dimensional ear that you can rotate, spin, turn and drag. You can also zoom in, toggle between left and right ears, and overlay the Nogier frequency zones (well-studied frequencies for different areas of the ear).

Finally, Auriculo 360 is complete with over a hundred pre-made protocols for common ailments, along with a database of hundreds of individual points. Protocols can be modified as needed to fit your treatment style! It’s an absolute no-brainer for anyone interested in learning and using auriculotherapy.

The best part is, Auriculo 360 was designed to be incredibly affordable, coming in at only $99/year for an individual plan (good for use on up to 3 devices). That’s less than $9/month!

Check out Auriculo 360 Here>>>

2. A Way to Locate Points Accurately

Naturally, a reliable way to locate points comes next! There are many methods for point location that range from manual probes, to powerful devices that locate acupuncture points electrically.

These location tools range in price from ~$6 to ~$600, so it’s important to do your research and figure out which one will fit your needs.

You can learn about the many different ways to locate points at this website:

***Important Disclaimer: If you are not a licensed practitioner, you should not use a microcurrent device on anyone other than yourself.

3. A Powerful Treatment Tool

Finally, you’ll need a tool to treat! In some instances, this tool may be the same tool you use to locate the point. Treatment can range from attaching tiny beads to the ear and pressing on the beads throughout the day, to using a tiny electrical microcurrent to stimulate the point at a healing frequency.

There are countless ways to treat, which is great news! Whether you’re a novice, a hobbyist or a licensed practitioner, there is a powerful tool for you at

***Important Disclaimer: If you are not a licensed practitioner, you should not use a microcurrent device on anyone other than yourself.

Just A Few ‘Points’ of Interest

Here are a few of our favorite points in the Weight Control protocol:

1. Endocrine

The Endocrine point is a Master Point. Master Points are points that are often electrically active; this means that your body is always in favor of you treating them. Master Points are often treated first because they can boost the effectiveness of other points.

auriculotherapy for weight loss
Endocrine Point is hidden in the 2-D image because it’s underneath the fold of skin on which it’s pictured. That’s where the 3D comes in handy!

According to traditional theories, the Endocrine point can help encourage hormone balance and proper thyroid function, and has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects. It is also used to assist absorption and digestion functions and promote healthy fluid metabolism. It makes sense why this could be a valuable part of a weight management program!

2. Appetite Control

Appetite Control Point has been traditionally used to help relieve hunger, reduce food cravings and minimize compulsive eating. The purpose of treating this point is to make it a little bit easier to stick to your plan. Sounds great, eh? Best of all, it’s located in an open, easy spot, which makes for a simple treatment!

auriculotherapy for weight loss

3. Stomach

Another easily located point, Stomach Point has been traditionally used to bolster the body’s digestive processes and regulate hunger signaling. A great addition to your weight management program!

auriculotherapy for weight loss

Full Weight Loss Protocol in Auriculo 360

For the sake of brevity, we’ll only share 3 points here. But there are hundreds more points and protocols waiting in the Auriculo 360 software, and you can also view the full protocol at the video below.

We hope these three tiny points will make a difference in your journey.

Ear Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to help the body heal and thrive, naturally. For non-life-threatening conditions and wellness care, it can be a powerful holistic addition to your at-home wellness routine, or a great adjunct treatment to add to your professional practice!

To learn more about ear acupuncture, check out this link.

Or, learn more about Auriculo 360 here.

Finally, check out a variety of treatment tools for every budget, here.

Thanks For Reading!

-Dr. Adrian Larsen


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