And the Survey Says… 5/5 (15)

First, I’d like to thank the hundreds of you who took the survey. We’ve gotten lots of great results and insights. Let me share a few highlights: 40% of respondents consider AcuGraph the “Cornerstone” of their practice The highest-rated benefit from using AcuGraph is “Better diagnostic information” as reported by 28% of respondents The next most popular benefit is that AcuGraph “Keeps patients interested” 71% of respondents use their AcuGraph system at least several times... Read more

The Dwindling Practice 5/5 (16)

From time to time I speak to practitioners who are desperately trying to save their practices. In fact, this happens more often than I’d like to admit. And often these are talented practitioners and healers whose only problem may be they’ve never been properly taught the business side of running a practice. The fact is, in school we are not taught to run a business, and being a wonderful healer just isn’t enough. As you... Read more

The Software Ear-volution. 5/5 (16)

Hello Friends, I have 2 quick topics to cover in today’s brief blog post: Auriculo PC Announcement First, I mentioned just a few weeks ago, we’ve been hard at work on an update for Auriculo PC. I’m proud to announce that today Auriculo PC 2.1.0 is available now! Version 2.1.0 includes the following enhancements: 1. New protocol: Bell’s Palsy. Acupuncture is very effective for treating Bell’s Palsy, and now Auriculo PC includes a complete treatment... Read more

High Blood Pressure 5/5 (18)

High Blood Pressure Yesterday I received a phone call from a patient who had just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Her doctor scheduled her for a biopsy of the pancreas next week but told her that she needed to get her blood pressure down before he could do the procedure. She asked if acupuncture could help. My answer was “YES.” We scheduled her for two visits before her procedure so that we could work on... Read more

Weight Loss – Huang Mu 4.95/5 (22)

It’s that time of the year.  Everyone is asking me if Chinese Medicine can help with weight loss. My answer is always: “Yes, we can help you, IF you are willing to help yourself also!” Acupuncture can help promote digestion, curb appetite, and deal with emotional eating. Typically patients who come to me with weight issues (or even digestive disorders) show up with imbalances in the Spleen and Stomach meridians. Often they will also have... Read more

How did you know that??? 5/5 (16)

Recently I received a phone call from one of my patients. She said: “I don’t know how you know these things, but you were RIGHT—I was coming down with a cold and I didn’t even know it! The good news is that my cold only lasted one day, and usually I am sick for 3 to 4 days. Can I book an appointment for my husband to keep him healthy also?” This is the time... Read more

Tools in your toolbox… 5/5 (16)

Who needs more tools in their toolbox??? I use AcuGraph with every patient that comes into my office. As an acupuncturist with a TCM background, I find value in using pattern diagnosis as a tool in my own practice. I have also found that adding Chinese herbs helps patients get better faster. Let’s talk about “Blood Stagnation.” From a TCM point of view, a blood stagnation pattern presents with sharp stabbing pain that comes and... Read more

AcuGraph: One Year Later 5/5 (16)

A year ago I was a brand new acupuncturist, just getting settled in a new area and starting my practice. An ad for an acupuncture research position at Miridia Technology caught my eye, and that’s how I came to learn about the AcuGraph system. I’ve been working for Miridia Technology for almost a year now. Dr. Larsen asked me to make a list of things that I’ve learned in the last year for my first annual... Read more

Winter Skin 5/5 (16)

Skin is amazing, but what can I say? It’s not perfect… As you’re no doubt aware, the skin is the largest organ in the human body, and also the most visible for that matter. It does an amazing job of keeping our insides in and everything else out, while regulating temperature, growing hair, generating vitamin D, repelling infection, and sending massive amounts of sensory input to our brains. And it does all of these amazing... Read more

So How Was Dublin? 5/5 (16)

Hello Friends, As you may know, we held our first European training seminar for AcuGraph last week in Dublin. So how was it? Let me share the feedback I just received from one of the participants: The seminar was GREAT. Good organization, comfortable room to work, kindness, nice places to eat. Thanks and congratulations to Vincent Scully. Good work! Thanks to Dr. Larsen and his wife Tausha. The share of your experience was a bonus... Read more

Meet Sadie 5/5 (17)

Have you ever Googled yourself? I’ll bet you have. To tell you the truth, I haven’t Googled myself in many months, but the last time I did, I watched great video coverage of a guy with my name bench pressing over 800 lbs and breaking world records. It definitely wasn’t me in those videos, but I’ll admit it felt pretty good to know there is, in fact, another Adrian Larsen out there, and he’s doing... Read more

Congratulations to Dr. Kristine Baker! 5/5 (16)

AcuGraph user Dr. Kristine Baker was recently featured on NBC Action News in Kansas City where her infertility treatments were the focus of a news report on acupuncture and fertility. Her use of AcuGraph also features quite prominently in the story. You can watch and read by clicking here. Congratulations, Dr. Baker for a job well done, and keep up the great work! Please rate this Please Rate This Post: Read more

Worth 1000 Words? 5/5 (17)

I’m sure you’ve heard a picture is worth a thousand words. And I’m sure you know why. Even a lengthy description can’t convey the same information as precisely and quickly as a single picture. Imagine trying to describe a sunset, a sports play, your home or a new baby using only words. It’s quite a challenge. But beyond simply conveying images, pictures may actually be a more efficient way of thinking and problem solving as... Read more

Yep, Another Improvement 5/5 (16)

Hi Everyone, If you’ve launched AcuGraph today, you’ve probably noticed there’s an update available. (One kind user even telephoned me this morning to let me know!) When you launch, you may see something that looks like this: Not to worry, it’s just another sign of our commitment to continual improvement. This AcuGraph 4.0.2 update fixes some issues with printing to certain HP printers, viewing reference information, and contains a number of other stability improvements, enhancements... Read more

Ever Wonder Why You Resist? 5/5 (16)

Sorry I’ve been scarce lately. The results of the auriculotherapy survey touched off a huge flurry of activity around the office and we’ve got some exciting new developments I’ll tell you about soon. Meanwhile, I ran across an excellent article on marketing the Acupuncture practice that you really should read in the latest Acupuncture Today. It’s called, “Why Acupuncturists Resist Marketing” by Kevin Doherty, L.Ac., MS. Here’s the link: This guy really gets it!... Read more