Congratulations to Dr. Kristine Baker! 5/5 (10)

AcuGraph user Dr. Kristine Baker was recently featured on NBC Action News in Kansas City where her infertility treatments were the focus of a news report on acupuncture and fertility. Her use of AcuGraph also features quite prominently in the story. You can watch and read by clicking here. Congratulations, Dr. Baker for a job well done, and keep up the great work! Please rate this Please Rate This Post: Read more

Worth 1000 Words? 5/5 (10)

I’m sure you’ve heard a picture is worth a thousand words. And I’m sure you know why. Even a lengthy description can’t convey the same information as precisely and quickly as a single picture. Imagine trying to describe a sunset, a sports play, your home or a new baby using only words. It’s quite a challenge. But beyond simply conveying images, pictures may actually be a more efficient way of thinking and problem solving as... Read more

Yep, Another Improvement 5/5 (10)

Hi Everyone, If you’ve launched AcuGraph today, you’ve probably noticed there’s an update available. (One kind user even telephoned me this morning to let me know!) When you launch, you may see something that looks like this: Not to worry, it’s just another sign of our commitment to continual improvement. This AcuGraph 4.0.2 update fixes some issues with printing to certain HP printers, viewing reference information, and contains a number of other stability improvements, enhancements... Read more

Ever Wonder Why You Resist? 5/5 (10)

Sorry I’ve been scarce lately. The results of the auriculotherapy survey touched off a huge flurry of activity around the office and we’ve got some exciting new developments I’ll tell you about soon. Meanwhile, I ran across an excellent article on marketing the Acupuncture practice that you really should read in the latest Acupuncture Today. It’s called, “Why Acupuncturists Resist Marketing” by Kevin Doherty, L.Ac., MS. Here’s the link: This guy really gets it!... Read more

Keeping my Ear to the Ground… 5/5 (10)

I have to start by letting you know we had an absolutely fabulous 2-day training seminar over the weekend here at our corporate offices. The topic was basic and advanced meridian graphing and I presented lots of great new information we’ve never shared before. Thanks to everyone who attended! Meanwhile, while I was busy teaching, many of you were busy responding to my last blog post about Auriculotherapy. Thanks for all the great feedback! Combined with... Read more

Chart showing how frequently practitioners use auriculotherapy

Auriculotherapy survey results 5/5 (11)

Wow. The results are in from the auriculotherapy survey, and I’m stunned. We received 546 survey responses. That’s far more than I expected, but the results themselves are even more stunning… —Warning— Stastics follow. If you don’t want to read the statistics, feel free to scroll down to the summary. First, more than 30% of respondents use auriculotherapy on less than 1 patient out of every 10 they see. More than half of respondents use... Read more

AcuGraph and the ROF 5/5 (10)

What’s the most important clinical procedure you were NOT taught in school? I’ll give you a hint. It’s not even something you normally think of as a “clinical procedure.” And yet it may have a greater influence on your results and ultimately on your practice than any other procedure you perform. Do you know yet? It’s the ROF. That’s Report of Findings, in case you didn’t know–though I certainly hope you do know–because the ROF... Read more

AcuGraph 4 Notes 5/5 (11)

Today’s video tip demonstrates the flexibility of the redesigned Notes function in AcuGraph 4. In it I demonstrate how to add notes before and after an exam, and how to create your own templates right in AcuGraph! Enjoy… Don’t forget… AcuGraph 4 discounts all end in less than 24 hours. The price of both new system purchases and the software upgrade will be increasing significantly. Don’t delay! Please rate this Please Rate This Post: Read more

AcuGraph 4 Training Mode 5/5 (10)

Today’s video tip demonstrates the power of the new Training Mode in AcuGraph 4. In it I demonstrate how the training mode works, and why you may want to use it. Enjoy… Don’t forget… AcuGraph 4 discounts all end in less than 48 hours. The price of both new system purchases and the software upgrade will be increasing significantly. Don’t delay! Please rate this Please Rate This Post: Read more

BONUS: AcuGraph 4 Divergent Channel Treatment 5/5 (10)

Since it’s the weekend and the office is mostly empty, I didn’t plan on posting to the blog today or sending an Email out. But I have just a few minutes to spare, so I put together this bonus video for you. Today’s video tip demonstrates the 3D Divergent Channel treatment option. It shows what the 3 dimensions of the human body are, and why it’s important for total balance. Enjoy… Don’t forget… AcuGraph 4... Read more

AcuGraph 4 Printing Presets 5/5 (9)

As I mentioned yesterday, I will be posting a few how-to videos for using some of the new AcuGraph 4 features. Today’s video tip demonstrates the power of the new printing presets, and shows exactly how and when to use them! Enjoy… Don’t forget… AcuGraph 4 discounts all end on June 15, so be sure to order before then. The price of both new system purchases and the software upgrade will be increasing significantly. Don’t... Read more

How do I…? 5/5 (10)

A very sincere thank you to everyone who has responded with such positive comments about AcuGraph 4 both via email and on the blog. My favorite discourse was with Dr. Ralph Wilson… Via email early in the morning he asks this question: Hi, I seem to have successfully downloaded the sofware. I would like to use the new cover page, etc.  How do I find where to do that? Thanks, Ralph W. Then, later that... Read more

Now Shipping! 5/5 (7)

In case you haven’t heard yet, AcuGraph 4 was officially released yesterday. This means three things are happening around here today: 1. Our servers are VERY busy to accommodate the hundreds of downloads that have already happened. 2. Our phones are VERY busy as people call with questions, comments, and orders (sorry if you can’t get through! Keep trying!) 3. Our focus has shifted from development and testing to packing and shipping, and WOW is... Read more

AcuGraph and Children 5/5 (10)

Hello Everyone, Just taking a quick break from the rush of AcuGraph 4 upgrades to post a tip. I often get asked about graphing children and infants. People want to know if it’s appropriate to do so, and the answer is YES. I originally was introduced to Ryodoraku acupuncture years ago when I took my newborn daughter to the acupuncturist because she wasn’t sleeping very well at night. The acupuncturist used an old manual Ryodoraku... Read more

Can You Guess? 5/5 (7)

Hello Again Friends, I’ve got to tell you, I’m having an absolutely fabulous time getting ready for this release. Yes, it’s an unbelievable amount of work, but hearing from all of you makes it worth it. The Australian contingent weighed in from down under with a couple of my favorite comments on yesterday’s post: Not to worry, Graham, once we open for pre-orders we’ll keep it open long enough to ensure you ample opportunity to... Read more