The AcuGraph PIE Score: how do you explain it? 5/5 (4)

First of all, thanks to all of you who responded and commented on my last post. I really appreciate your input and the lively conversation. This is exactly what I wanted to see. For today’s post, I’m using a question posed by Dr. Jerry Nesseler: “How can I quickly explain the new graph/pie chart on the updated Acugraph?” Here’s a bit of background. The chart he’s referring to is our patent-pending P.I.E. (personal integrated energetics)... Read more

TCM, AcuGraph and Herbs 5/5 (4)

We get lots of questions about TCM interpretations of AcuGraph results. TCM practitioners are sometimes confused about how to interpret graph findings that don’t *seem* to agree with their TCM training. One common example is Spleen Excess. What do you do when you see an excessive reading for the Spleen meridian in a graph, though TCM teaches the spleen can’t be in excess? What does it mean? Well, in this case, dampness is usually the... Read more

Hello world! 5/5 (3)

I’ve resisted as long as I can. It’s time to give in and start a blog. There are way too many interesting things to discuss, and not nearly enough room in our sort-of-monthly newsletters to discuss them. So I’m going to write a brief, and hopefully interesting blog post every week. Most of all, I want to hear from you–and the blog format is excellent for comments and interaction. So here goes! Please read, enjoy,... Read more