☃️ Embrace the Season: 5 Essential Auriculotherapy Protocols for Winter 5/5 (8)

My Goodness! It is chilly outside! The Holidays are over and the New Year is bringing plenty of cold weather this week! As part of our Auriculotherapy Seasonal Series, we are bringing you 5 protocols for addressing winter-related conditions, hand picked by Dr. Mackenzie Dawson Agnew, owner and founder of the thriving acupuncture clinic, The Human Experience Clinic in Alberta, CA. These winter wellness protocols are sure to boost your immune system, and have you... Read more

Transformative Healing: A Customer’s Journey with Photizo Light Therapy 5/5 (9)

Here at Miridia, we love hearing from our customers about how our products are helping them! Knowing we have provided tools to improve lives is what keeps us all excited and engaged here at Miridia. That's why I'm so pleased to share this Photizo review we just received from one of our practitioners. Read more

At-Home Immune System Protocol For Kids 4.83/5 (12)

Strengthening support for your child's immune system becomes crucial, especially amidst the winter and holiday season. Dr. Mackenzie Agnew Dawson has a special solution for you. She's crafted an effortless method to enhance both your child's and your own immune system as sniffles begin to emerge during our celebrations and gatherings. Dive into the details below to discover this straightforward At-Home Immune System Protocol For Kids, using acupressure or tapping at three key Acupuncture Points. Read more

Let’s Recap: Acupuncture Growth Symposium 2023, Boise, ID 4.88/5 (8)

Amazing Group of Practitioners  Wow! What an amazing group of practitioners and presenters we had for this year’s Acupuncture Symposium. We are truly blessed by the insight, knowledge, and camaraderie of the event this year.We learned a lot and came away inspired by all of you!! For those that couldn’t make it in person, we’d like to share with you some of the highlights. After our “Intro to AcuGraph Class + Graphing Skills” workshop on... Read more

Gunalight: It’s Kinda like a Golden Magic Finger— but it’s NOT! 4.85/5 (13)

An acupuncturist and a massage therapist meet up to play with a brand new light therapy AcuPoint treatment device known as the Gunalight. They weren’t exactly sure what to expect from the experience… Magic happened. Background: I’m Dr. Kimberly Thompson. I’m an acupuncturist. Before I was an acupuncturist, I was a massage therapist. When I worked on patients, I felt “something” in my hands. I didn’t know at the time that I was feeling the... Read more

View of Lung Channel on the Ear

Acupuncture Meridian Channels Now Available on the Ear in Auriculo 360! 5/5 (8)

New! Meridian Body Point Analogues Integrated Right on the Ear with Auriculo 360! Your Favourite Auriculotherapy Software Just Got Even Better! Yes, you read that right! Our latest update of Auriculo 360 is set to revolutionize your auriculotherapy practice. We heard your feedback, and we're thrilled to announce that we have integrated Acupuncture Channels on the ear. This is a game-changer for all practitioners aiming to treat acupuncture channels from the body directly on the ear. Read more

☀️ Embrace the Season: 5 Essential Auriculotherapy Protocols for a Vibrant Summer 4.93/5 (14)

Did you know that specific auriculotherapy protocols can be tailored to each season? Discover the top 5 protocols for addressing summer-related conditions, thoughtfully curated by Dr. Kenzi Agnew based on her clinic expertise. All Protocols and images have been pulled from our Auriculo 360 software!  With a few more months of warm weather ahead, read on to arm yourself and your clinic with these essential protocols… Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating) Often, patients avoid so many summer... Read more

Medical Lost Causes: A Tried and True Treatment Approach that WORKS! 4.92/5 (13)

Acupuncture Channel Theory has the potential to help you become a better practitioner AND catapult your creativity and intuition while treating patients. The acupuncture pathways tell a story. If you deeply understand the acupuncture pathways, you can unravel the intricate details related too hard-to-treat medical health conditions, often deemed as “Medical Lost Causes.”  One-and-Done In my early years as an acupuncturist, I used to strive for the one-and-done treatments. “That one magical treatment that changed... Read more

10 Things You’ll Miss if You’re Not at AcuGrowth 2023 5/5 (36)

Have you heard? This May, we’re hosting our annual Acupuncture Growth Symposium in Boise, Idaho! We’ve taken great care to ensure that every detail is planned to perfection. We can't wait to welcome you to our home town! We've written up this list of the 10 things you'll miss if you're not at AcuGrowth 2019... Read more

FREE CEU COURSE: Diagnosing and Treating Cycle-Related Emotional (Shen) Disturbances 5/5 (3)

As a Chinese Medicine practitioner, I treat patients each day with debilitating emotional struggles during their cycles. It is my aim to spread awareness and empower practitioners AND individuals to learn about the cycle, learn what's actually normal (common does not always equal normal) and how to optimize diet, medicine, and lifestyle to lessen symptoms during menstruation and achieve greater balance in the meridians, and in the hormones. Read more

pain-free periods with jade vitality

Pain-Free Periods are Possible with Jade Vitality 5/5 (8)

I began using the waist wrap 5 months ago for 3-4 days leading up to my period to help encourage circulation, movement, and lymphatic flow. I just place it on my abdomen for 20-30 minutes in the evening while relaxing and decompressing from the day. Then, during my period, I use it daily, hourly, or as needed when I feel any cramps brewing in the southern region. You have to understand... NOTHING I had ever tried before has even touched my cramps. But since starting this regiment with Jade Vitality, I have had 5 PAIN FREE periods. Absolutely unbelievable. I am blown away, and so excited for what this means for myself, my patients, and women everywhere! Read more

New AcuGraph Options! 5/5 (5)

Dear AcuGraph Family, When we released AcuGraph 5 in 2015 (can you believe it’s been SEVEN years!?!) we recognized that to continue providing the world-class service and support our customers deserve, as well as continue developing cutting-edge products, we could only do so in an ongoing partnership with our users. That was when we made the difficult decision to transition from a stand-alone software application to a suite of ongoing services. Or to put it... Read more