Acupuncture Point: Stomach 36 4.92/5 (90)

Stomach 36 is a really GREAT point everyone should know about. It is one of the most widely used acupuncture points on the body because it is so powerful.

Here’s a little legend about this point, based on the English name translation: Leg Three Mile

Chinese warriors would wear leather sashes with stones hanging from either side of their waist while they hiked across the vast countryside to protect their nation. When the warriors became exhausted, to the point where they just couldn’t go any further, they would kneel down to rest. The stones would naturally land at Stomach 36 on each leg.  Upon arising from this bended knee position, with pressure on Stomach 36, when the soldiers arose they found extra hidden renewed strength and were able to hike “three more miles”…

Here are some things you should remember about Stomach 36. Treatment of this point will energize you, boost your immune system, AND help with any digestive disorders. And–if you need to walk three more miles on the treadmill, it might help with that too!


The following information is from the Points Acupuncture Reference Software:

Acupuncture Point: Stomach 36 (ST 6, ST6)

Chinese Name: Zusanli

English Name: Leg Three Miles

Location: 3 cun inferior to ST 35, one finger width lateral to the anterior crest of the tibia, in the tibialis anterior muscle.

Attributes: He-Sea, Horary, and Earth point of the Stomach channel. Command point of the abdomen. Sea of Nourishment point. Lower He-Sea point, Gao Wu Command point, Ma Dan-yang Heavenly Star point.

TCM Actions: Rectifies the spleen and stomach; regulates central qi; harmonizes the intestines and disperses stagnation; breaks thoracic blood stasis; courses wind and transforms damp; frees and regulates Qi and blood of the channels; supports the correct and banks up the origin; dispels pathogens and prevents disease.ST36-line

Indications: Stomach pain; abdominal distention; indigestion; vomiting; borborygmi; diarrhea; constipation; dysentery; breast yong; dizziness; epilepsy; paralysis due to wind strike; foot qi; Water swelling; aching knee and tibia.

Secondary Indications: Pain, fullness and distention in the venter; abdominal pain; cholera; stoppage of the diaphragm and throat; difficult ingestion; wryness of the mouth; eye disease; pharyngeal bi; fever; enuresis; swelling of the feet; rumbling intestines; heaviness in the head and pain in the forehead at the outset of heat disease; vexation, oppression and generalized fever; inhibited urination; lower abdominal swelling and pain; branching fullness in the chest and lateral costal region; swelling and pain in the extremities; thoracic blood stasis; palpitations with vacuity vexation and agitation.

Needle Information: Perpendicular insertion .5 – 1.2 cun. Moxibustion is applicable.

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Dr. Adrian Larsen

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  1. Wrong image!! The first image I think is Spleen 6 not Stomach 36. This really made me look twice. But this I think will help me remember SP 6. The written information is organized in a very concise fashion

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