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509 LV / LI-009 - Wen Jing Pian

509 LV / LI-009 - Wen Jing Pian

509 LV / LI-009 - Wen Jing Pian

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509 LV — WEN JING PIAN — Warm the Channels Formula Increasing warm Qi in the meridians since 210 A.D
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TCM Therapeutic Actions:
Warms the channels, especially the Liver and the Kidney; expels Cold; nourishes the Blood; expels Blood stagnation; strengthens Kidney function. Used for Deficient Cold patterns, not excess

Contraindicated during pregnancy or for women who have excessive bleeding during menstruation. Chronic usage or large dosages are not recommended in cases of edema, hypokalemia, kidney disorders, hypertension and congestive heart failure. May cause drowsiness.

TCM Contraindications:
Contraindicated in cases of Excess, Heat, or Blood stasis.

Pharmaceutical Interactions:
This formula may INCREASE the effects of sedative drugs, Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOI’s), anticoagulants and antiplatelets; may increase potassium loss with diuretics and laxatives, which may interfere with antiarrhythmics.

This formula may DECREASE plasma glucose levels, and may decrease the effects of antihypertensive agents and antidiabetic medications.

This formula may have estrogen-like activity, causing hypertension and fluid retention when used with oral contraceptives. May decrease endogenous testosterone levels in men and women with polycystic ovary disease. May increase the half-life of systemic corticosteroids.

This herbal formula can be used with any condition or physical discomfort caused by Cold in the Lower Warmer. It is also good for chronic lower back pain in women and for alleviating cold in the extremities. This formula may be taken throughout the menstrual cycle to gently encourage the expulsion of stagnant blood.

Recommended Usage:
2-3 tablets twice daily with warm water.