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205 SP / SP-005 - Xiang Sha Liu Jun Pian

205 SP / SP-005 - Xiang Sha Liu Jun Pian

205 SP / SP-005 - Xiang Sha Liu Jun Pian

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205 SP — XIANG SHA LIU JUN PIAN — Six Gentlemen Tablet Relieving Dampness in the Stomach since 1682 A.D.
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TCM Therapeutic Actions:
Supplements Qi, invigorates the Spleen and regulates the Stomach.

Contraindicated in early phases of acute cold/flu, with cancer, and in pregnancy. Not recommended if intestinal parasites are present.

TCM Contraindications:
Contraindicated in cases of Qi stagnation shown by feelings of distention and oppression. Users should avoid raw/cold foods.

Pharmaceutical Interactions:
May increase anticoagulant and antiplatelet effects; use cautiously with these types of agents as well as thrombolytic agents and low molecular weight heparins.
May interfere with the action of scopolamine.
Diuretic effect may lead to increased elimination of water and/or electrolytes.
Contains constituents that increase activity of the sympathetic nervous system; use with caution in those using antihypertensive, antidiabetic, antihyperthyroid and/or antiseizure medications.
Hinesol, a component, may increase strength of omeprazole.

Recommended Usage:
2-3 tablets twice daily with warm water.