AcuGraph 4 Notes 5/5 (11)

Today’s video tip demonstrates the flexibility of the redesigned Notes function in AcuGraph 4. In it I demonstrate how to add notes before and after an exam, and how to create your own templates right in AcuGraph! Enjoy… Don’t forget… AcuGraph 4 discounts all end in less than 24 hours.... Read more

Now Shipping! 5/5 (7)

In case you haven’t heard yet, AcuGraph 4 was officially released yesterday. This means three things are happening around here today: 1. Our servers are VERY busy to accommodate the hundreds of downloads that have already happened. 2. Our phones are VERY busy as people call with questions, comments, and... Read more

Follow AcuGraph 5/5 (10)

AcuGraph is now posting regular updates on facebook and twitter. We will be covering the development of AcuGraph 5 and other projects happening here at Miridia Technology. These networking sites will offer you a great opportunity to network with other AcuGraph practitioners and will allow us all to work together... Read more

AcuGraph Development Begins 5/5 (7)

Adrian Larsen and his team saw the need for a computerized ryodoraku application and began development of AcuGraph in late 2002. Development took nearly a year, and many prototypes were produced, tested and refined to achieve the high level of accuracy and reliability enjoyed by AcuGraph owners. Please rate this... Read more