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Are you looking for more ways to grow your practice and increase the number of people you can help? AcuGraph has become more and more popular among patients! We frequently have patients contact our corporate headquarters asking where they can find an AcuGraph practitioner in their area. So, with the release of AcuGraph 4.1.1, we have started a free practitioner referral directory, where you can list your practice and receive free referrals for patients seeking care from an AcuGraph practitioner.

Click here to make sure you have the latest version of AcuGraph that includes access to this new free directory.

We’ve made it VERY simple to add yourself to the directory. When you first run AcuGraph 4.1.1, a new checklist appears. This checklist has 3 important items to take care of right away.

AcuGraph installation

  1. First, verify that your practice contact information is up to date and accurate by clicking on the “Update User Information” button.
  2. Next, decide if you would like to be enrolled in our free referrals directory, by clicking on the “Set Up Online Referrals” button.
  3. Finally, you can check out all our new additional help sections that are all new for AcuGraph 4.1, including video tutorials, frequently asked questions, forums, continuing education, and more!

If your contact information ever changes, simply update it in the preferences section within AcuGraph, and your directory listing will automatically reflect the change.

If for some reason this checklist does not appear for you, you can access it within AcuGraph by selecting the “Help” menu, then selecting “Getting Started Checklist”:
AcuGraph Search bar

We’ve already had many practitioners choose to be listed in the directory – get yourself added today! The directory is currently limited to practitioners located within the United States only, but in the coming weeks we’ll open it up to the whole world. You can check out the new directory below:

Click here to see the new AcuGraph Practitioner Referral Directory

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