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Tai Yang is a really nice point for the treatment of headaches and migraine headaches, especially those related to sinus conditions. This point is found directly on the path of the Gallbladder channel. Because of the internal pathway connections on the Gallbladder channel, Tai Yang is really good for vision problems, jaw pain, toothache, and even swelling of the breast.

Because this point runs deep, with a connection to the brain, it needs to be used with great respect. On the one hand, Tai Yang is very relaxing and can be used to calm the mind. On the other hand it is referred to as a “vital spot” by martial artists… One powerful strike to this point could be fatal.


The following information is from the Points Acupuncture Reference Software:

Tai Yang Description and Info


Acupuncture Point:Tai Yang

Chinese Name:Taiyang

English Name: Sun/Supreme Yang

Location:At the temple, in the depression approximately 1 cun posterior to the midpoint between the lateral extremity of the eyebrow and the outer canthus of the eye.

Attributes:May be pricked or bled for one sided headache or dizziness along with GB 8 or eye disorders. Use with SI 1 for swelling of the breasts.

TCM Actions:Courses wind and dissipates heat; clears the head and brightens the eyes.

Indications:Headache; wryness of the eyes and mouth; trigeminal neuralgia; redness and swelling of the eyes.

Secondary Indications:Unilateral headache; dizziness; toothache; optic atrophy; retinal bleeding; facial paralysis.

Needle Information:Perpendicular insertion .3 – .5 cun., or prick to cause bleeding. No Moxibustion.

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