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This is Part IV of my special blog series on our newest tool for the clinic, the Jade Vitality far infrared heating pad! Click below to read Parts I, II and III if you haven’t yet!

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  4. Jade Vitality Part IV: It’s Beneficial to the Patient

Modern Treatment/Traditional Philosophies

At this point in the series, I’m sure you have figured out that the Jade Vitality is beneficial to the patient, especially because the pad doesn’t produce harmful EMF radiation like most heating pads on the market. In this final installment, I’m going to share a BONUS benefit your patients receive when laying on the Jade Vitality heating pad.

Did you know that the Jade Vitality Full Body Pad can help to boost your patient’s immune system? Modern science says that far infrared and negative ions both improve the immune system.

In this post, I’ll share how this modern treatment approach fits perfectly into “Traditional Chinese Medicine” (TCM) philosophies—PLUS it can be done without needles! 

It’s fairly well known that acupuncturists are good at boosting the immune system. From a TCM perspective we call this “invigorating the wei qi.” 

How do you know when your patient’s wei qi needs help?

If you are an AcuGraph user, you have a great tool to recognize when your patient needs a little help to boost their immune system. If you are not an AcuGraph user, you probably use traditional diagnostic indications relating to the pulse.

Let’s take a look at how a compromised immune system would look on a graph.

AcuGraph Analysis

I have a regular patient who is a school teacher. She comes in for monthly acupuncture wellness care. One of the things she appreciates about her acupuncture visit is my ability to recognize when her immune system is down, treat accordingly, and give her advice to stay healthy. 

As she would put it: 

“I love working with these precious little humans who surround me with icky germs from every household in the community. Kimberly—please protect me!”

I’m going to show you TWO things I look for in a graph when analyzing whether or not my patients immune system needs attention. 

Graph #1: Yin Yang View

Notice that in this picture, we are looking at the graph from the “Yin/Yang” perspective. From this view we can see that both pathways within the Tai Yang are out of balance.

NOTE: I’ll talk more about the significance of the Tai Yang below. 

Graph #2: By Element View

In this picture we are looking into the graph from the “By Element” perspective. You’ll notice that the metal element is imbalanced here.

NOTE: I’ll talk more about the significance of the metal element below. 

Next I’m going to explain, from a TCM perspective, why these two views are so valuable when analyzing the graph. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory

There are several traditional ways to boost the immune system from a TCM perspective. These concepts generally come from two theories which you probably learned in college. 

I am going to talk about them here first, because they directly relate to the modern approach I’ll explain in a moment. 

Shang Han Lun Cold Theory

This theory correlates with how pathogens enter the body from the surface and move deeper and deeper through different levels of the energetic system as the disease progresses.

Tai Yang is the entry point where wei qi begins it’s battle to keep “evil external pathogens” out of the body.  From a western perspective we call this the immune system. 

NOTE: Keep that key word handy. We’ll come back to it in a bit.

Japanese 5 Element Theory

The wei qi defense mode in relation to the Japanese Five Element System correlates with the metal, which includes the Lung and Large Intestine pathways. The lungs open to the nose. This means the air we breathe comes in through the nose and goes directly to the lungs. The lung is also connected to the skin (sweat glands) which are a part of our immune system. The large intestine releases waste and toxins from within.

This theory correlates with how pathogens enter the body from the surface, and move deeper and deeper through different levels of the energetic system as the disease progresses.

With this theory, I want you to remember the internal Lung Pathway, it’s relation to the skin/sweats glands/immune system, and Large Intestine musculotendino pathways

NOTE: Keep those key words handy. We’ll come back to them in a bit

Quick Note: If you like the Five Elements chart I used above, you can get the full chart (with a lot more detail than what I showed) here: https://www.miridiatech.com/shop/all-products/acupuncture-tools/acupuncture-charts/the-best-5-element-chart.html

Traditional Treatment


You are already aware of the traditional avenues for boosting the immune system: cupping, guasha, and specific acupuncture points. 


In AcuGraph, simply balancing the graph is effective. You could also use the recommended points listed for “Common Cold” and “Boost Immunity” within the reference section of AcuGraph. 

Here’s a question for you:

What if you could be MORE effective at boosting the immune system? 

Every time the patient gets onto the Jade Vitality Mat they were boosting their immunity—without any needles. I’ll explain…

A Modern Treatment Approach

Tai Yang—Small Intestine Urinary Bladder

According to TCM theory, Tai Yang is the entry point into the body. This is where the immune system fights out external pathogens. Think about the initial symptoms when the patient becomes ill: body ache, headache, fever, and chills. 

One of  the benefits of laying on the Jade Vitality Full Body Pad in the supine position, is increased circulation at the superficial level and the muscular level of the Small Intestine and Urinary Bladder pathways via the infrared heat.

Metal Element—Lung/Large Intestine

According to Five Element theory, the Lung is in charge of bringing clean air into the body, and the Large Intestine is in charge of letting go of unnecessary toxins.

The lung and large intestine work as a team. If they fail to work together patients experience respiratory and digestive symptoms, such as bronchitis, cough, allergies, nasal congestion, colds, sore throat, constipation, and diarrhea. 

My analysis is that by stimulating the muscular portion of the Large Intestine Musculotendino Pathway with far infrared heat via the Jade Vitality pad, we can easily affect the following to boost the immune system: 

  • Skin, sweat glands and the immune system. You may also note that the muscular levels of both the Large Intestine and the Urinary Bladder channels cross each other. This is often the area where flash cupping is done to boost the immune system. 
  • Internal pathway of the lung. Stimulation of the Large Intestine pathway automatically affects its paired organ, the Lung.
  • Negative ions breathed during treatment reach the lung directly through the breath, thus further boosting the immune system. 

Modern science says that far infrared heat and negative ions both effectively boost the immune system. We know that Chinese medicine has been around for more than 5000 years. It’s okay if Western medical scientists think they discovered a new phenomena based on modern research. 

You could ask the age old question: What came first, the chicken or the egg? 

I’m guessing the jade and tourmaline came first!

The Jade Vitality is the perfect bridge between Eastern and Western medicine. It fits right into our “Traditional Chinese Medicine” philosophies, so why not use it to benefit our patients? 

I’ll end this blog series the same way I began it. 

The Jade Vitality is the cool new thing to have in your clinic. It’s Kimberly approved. 


  1. It changes the graph!
  2. It makes my life as a practitioner easier!
  3. Patients love it!
  4. And it’s beneficial to the patient—in so many ways!

I hope you enjoyed this blog series.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post, or starting a conversation on live chat. If you’re interested in purchasing either the Jade Vitality full body pad, or the shoulder wrap, check out the Launch Special going on RIGHT NOW through February 4, 2019!

Jade Vitality Blog Series

I’ve written an entire series on the Jade Vitality far infrared heating pad, and why I love it, and my patients love it!

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Hope You Enjoyed this Series!


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