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This is Part II of my special blog series on our newest tool for the clinic, the Jade Vitality far infrared heating pad! Click below to read Part I if you haven’t yet, or jump ahead to Parts III and IV!

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Relaxing Isn’t Always EASY

Half the battle for an acupuncturist is getting the patient to relax. Every acupuncturist can relate…

You never know exactly how your day will go from patient to patient, right? 

Sometimes we get patients who are nervous and stressed about their first acupuncture experience. Others come in really tense because they are in a lot of pain. Some are chronically rigid and tight. Others become tense when it’s time to insert the needle.

Even though they may not act like it, many of your patients live hectic lives that cause stress, stagnation and negative energy.

They’re not always prepared physically, and energetically, to receive a profound treatment when they come into your practice.

Dr. Larsen nails this problem in the video below. Go ahead and check it out; it’s short, but definitely worth your time!

As the acupuncturist, you have to help counteract each of these obstacles on a regular basis. It can be time consuming, and your time is valuable!

If your patients are energetically “rejecting” your treatments because their bodies are stretched too thin to focus on healing, you’re not doing yourself, or them, a favor.

Your treatments could be more effective if your patients were better prepared to receive them. And that’s exactly what the Jade Vitality far infrared heating pad comes in.

patients love jade vitality

Patients Relax FASTER

The Jade Vitality pad makes my life as an acupuncturist SO MUCH EASIER. It doesn’t matter if my patient walks into my doors and is cold, stressed, in pain, or experiencing tough emotions. I know that having them lay on the Jade Vitality pad is enough to take the edge off and help their body enter a state where it’s ready to “accept” my treatment.

In my last blog post I showed you the results of my Jade Vitality AcuGraph Experiment. I am convinced that simply laying on the Jade Vitality pad brings an initial level of balance to the acupuncture pathways.

The initial changes come from the far-infrared heat and the negative ions produced when the jade and tourmaline gemstones are heated. 

Here’s Why:

  • Because of increased circulation in the blood stream, qi begins to move. Remember: Qi follows blood!
  • The far infrared heat produced when the jade is heated helps the body quickly enter a parasympathetic (relaxed) state of being. This brings the patient to a place where they can “accept” treatment more easily on an internal level.
  • Breathing negative ions (negatively charged particles in the air produced when the tourmaline is heated) gives the patient that “breath of fresh air” experience that helps them let go of negative emotions which may be stopping the flow of qi. 

What Happens Next?

  • I treat as usual with whatever tools I would normally use—needles, auriculotherapy, ion pumping cords, etc. 
  • Your typical treatment reaches a whole new level of AMAZING because of the work the Jade Vitality pad is doing the entire time the patient is on the table (whether or not you’re treating).
  • The patient is able to experience a more profound effect from their treatments, and deeper levels of healing. 

Treatment is MORE Effective

Often I refer to myself as a “master engineer” of the inner workings of the acupuncture pathways. Let’s take a look at WHY treatment with the Jade Vitality pad is more effective than treatment without the pad.

Whether your patient is laying face up or face down on the table—with the heat radiating through the jade and tourmaline beneath them—your treatment will be more productive. 

Let’s think about this from an acupuncture pathway perspective.

jade vitality bladder channel

Face Up

First, let’s talk about how the Jade Vitality affects the Urinary Bladder (UB) pathway. 

The UB pathway is the longest pathway in the body—67 points. The majority of those points touch the surface of the pad during treatment.

The largest muscular portion of the body relates to the UB pathway. Creating circulation through this region of the body helps to resolve the majority of our patients chief complaints.

jade vitality bladder channel

The Back Shu points are activated when the patient lays on the mat. This means that every single pathway in the body links to the Back Shu points–-which affect not only the superficial level of the channel, but also the muscular pathways, the internal organs, and the emotions of each meridian.

jade vitality governing vessel

Finally, let’s look at the Governing Vessel (GV) pathways. The GV vessel runs along the spine, regulating both the central and peripheral nervous system. Smooth circulation in the GV regulates all of the yang channels of the body, nourishes the spinal cord, and nourishes the brain.

Are you getting a sense as to why treatment with the Jade Vitality mat makes treatment more effective?

Let’s turn the patient over and think about the benefits.

Face Down

You can’t put the patient face down without considering the benefits of activating  the infamous Triple Energizer (TE) pathway.

In my opinion, the TE pathway is the most complex pathway in the acupuncture system. It’s also known as the Middle Jiao, San Jiao, and Triple Warmer. It includes the respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, and reproduction functions in the body.

Think about how energy flows through the body. What goes up, must come down and vice versa. As energy flows from one  pathway to the next, it has to pass through the mid section of the body (TE). The simple act of blood flow via the far infrared heat on the belly helps the effectiveness of the process. Many patients are STUCK in the middle. I may be putting needles on the extremities to create the flow—but the pad helps the energy to move through the middle of the body

 NOTE: My experience with the Jade Vitality heating pad is that there is increased energy gurgling, twitching and shifting in the middle section of the body during treatment. This tells me that energy is flowing through this region. 

jade vitality front mu

The Front Mu points can be accessed through the belly. Every single Front Mu point links directly to the source of each pathway. Activating these points via the belly is a beautiful way to compliment and strengthen any acupuncture treatment. 

It Just Makes Sense

As you can see, if you “think like an acupuncturist”, using the Jade Vitality heating pad makes perfect sense. It works beautifully with your treatments to help activate complex acupuncture pathways in a profound way.

My Jade Vitality makes it easier for me to give my patient a more profound acupuncture treatment, which makes BOTH OF US happy.

In my next blog post, “Patients Love it”, I’ll let you know what my patients think about the Jade Vitality heating pad. Click on the link below to read Part III!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post, or starting a conversation on live chat. If you’re interested in purchasing either the Jade Vitality full body pad, or the shoulder wrap, check out the Launch Special going on RIGHT NOW through February 4, 2019!

Jade Vitality Blog Series

I’ve written an entire series on the Jade Vitality far infrared heating pad, and why I love it, and my patients love it!

Be sure to read parts I, III and IV of this series to learn why the Jade Vitality heating pad is an integral part to my success in the clinic!

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  2. Jade Vitality Part II: It Makes my Life Easier
  3. Jade Vitality Part III: Patients Love it >>
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