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This is Part III of my special blog series on our newest tool for the clinic, the Jade Vitality far infrared heating pad! Click below to read Parts I & II if you haven’t yet, or jump ahead to Part IV!

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The Patient “Experience”

In my first blog post I shared my perspective about the Jade Vitality far infrared heating pad in relation to research and the AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging System. I had to know if we could change the graph by having patients lay on the Jade Vitality heating pad. The answer was an astounding YES.

The Jade Vitality passed the AcuGraph test!

In my second blog post, I talked about the benefits of the pad from an acupuncture pathway perspective. When heated, jade produces far infrared heat while tourmaline produces a high concentration of negative ions. The benefits of the “healthy heat” includes increased circulation, muscle relaxation, pain relief, and a greater sense of emotional wellbeing, to name a few.

Because of these profound benefits, it made perfect sense to use the Jade Vitality pad to prepare the patient’s complex acupuncture pathway system to “accept” the full benefit of treatment.

More about how Jade Vitality improves your treatments here >>

Now let’s talk about the patient perspective. Their opinion is REALLY the one that matters!


My patients love coming to the clinic when I’m in research mode. My regular patients get all giggly and excited because they get to be the FIRST to try out whatever Miridia Technology is testing/introducing to all of you.

They love being part of the cutting-edge acupuncture experience. (No cutting involved!)

It was fun to see and hear their excitement when I introduced the Jade Vitality heating pad to the clinic.

Imagine the experience…

The patient sits on the treatment table to be graphed, and then all of a sudden their attention moves from me to the table. They recognize that something is DIFFERENT. They put their hand down and gingerly pet the table, look up to me and smile, then ask: 

“Kimberly, what is this new THING???”

I smile, then give them a quick peek of the heating pad under the blanket and respond: 

“Your treatment is going to be extra special today.” 

Just before they lay on the treatment table, I give them a basic breakdown of WHY I’m using the Jade Vitality Full Body Pad and my hypothesis of how it will affect their treatment—based on the research I have done thus far.  

NOTE: When I talk to my patients I don’t get into the “full science” of far infrared heat and negative ions. Even though I did months of research before the pad was created, I just do a quick introduction.

For your benefit, Dr. Larsen has created plenty of videos regarding the science. You’ve seen the videos, right? If not, take some time to watch them (you can find the links below). The videos aren’t very long! Dr. Larsen is an amazing teacher. The explanation I share below is for the patient, so it’s pretty basic.

The Patient Discussion

To help make the patient discussion easier, BOTH the Jade Vitality full body pad and shoulder wrap come with patient education brochures we have created to help you and your patients understand all the wonderful benefits of Jade Vitality.

Here’s an example of the simple conversation I have with my patients.

It’s called the Jade Vitality Full Body Mat. It’s AMAZING!

It’s made with two unique stones—jade and tourmaline. When heat penetrates through the stones you will experience far infrared heat and negative ions—both of which affect the body on a cellular level.

Far infrared heat comes from the sun. When you lay on the mat, the heat penetrates into your body, which helps your acupuncture treatment to be more effective.

• Research studies show that far infrared heat helps to increase circulation. 

• This helps to relieve pain, promote relaxation, and restore function within the body. 

• It’s kind of like the “sun puddle” I’ve been telling you to find throughout the winter.

Negative Ions are pretty amazing and have a positive effect on the body. Have you heard of them? I’ll bet you’ve experienced them before.

• Negative ions are found near the ocean. When the waves hit the sand, negative ions are naturally created in the air. 

• You can find them up in the mountains, near moving water, and especially near water falls. 

• Have you ever noticed how relaxed and happy you feel when you are out in nature? 

• Research studies have shown that breathing in negative ions helps your respiratory system, and regulates the autonomic nervous system.

• Basically, they are invisible molecules found in clean air you breath when you get away from congested, toxic environments. 

Then I show my patients a list of symptoms that the far infrared heat and negative ions will help address while they are laying on the pad.

Finally, the patient gets on the table (very excited, might I add) for the experience. 

Patients LOVE It

It was really fun experimenting in my personal clinic, especially with my wellness patients who have been around for years. Their perspective was important to me. I wanted to know their experience in relation to a “typical” treatment versus the new “special” experience.

After each treatment I came back into the room and asked, “What did you experience? What was different?” 

Here are some of the quotes I’ve received from my patients about their experience with the Jade Vitality heating pad.

You can feel the energy —it’s deep, resonating and therapeutic. It fills your whole being with warmth and light. After using the pad, I feel more grounded, centered, capable and whole. Overall a fantastic product that’s become a staple of my wellness routine!”

“I have been coming to you for treatment for 7 years and haven’t ever fallen asleep on the table until today.”

“I had a cough when I arrived, and didn’t cough once while I was on the pad. I felt relaxed and energized at the same time. I’d BUY one!”

“I felt more movement throughout my body, and it felt like I went into a deep sleep.”

My favorite quote of all was this…

“I think I drooled on your floor.”

I think you get the point. Patients LOVE it. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post, or starting a conversation on live chat. If you’re interested in purchasing either the Jade Vitality full body pad, or the shoulder wrap, check out the Launch Special going on RIGHT NOW through February 4, 2019!

Jade Vitality Blog Series

In the final blog post of this series, I’m going to talk about how the Jade Vitality Mat boosts the immune system. We’ll take a look how the mat fits perfectly into “Traditional Chinese Medicine” philosophies. Access any post from this series below!

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