Case study: Breast Cancer before and After Graphs 5/5 (39)

Hello Friends, Dr. Chris Teo has contributed another cancer case study. This one deals with before and after graphs in a breast cancer patient. We receive reports from many practitioners that use the AcuGraph to create a baseline score from which to measure improvement. Nutritionists, Naturopathic Doctors, Herbalists, Kinesiologists, Reiki,... Read more

Did You Know? Advanced Statistical Analysis in AcuGraph with Intelligraph 5/5 (40)

Advanced Statistical Analysis in AcuGraph with Intelligraph Intelligraph is the next generation of advanced Digital Meridian Analysis, and it provides the most accurate graph assessments EVER available by ANY method.   This unique feature uses the statistical norms established from over 100,000 individual graphs to dynamically correct each meridian reading for patient age, gender, meridian,... Read more

Thank YOU…from all of US! 5/5 (38)

I hope you’re having a great  December! We certainly are!   Of course, the holiday season always puts us in a good mood, but this year seems particularly festive. Why so merry? Well, despite the sluggish economy, AcuGraph sales are up for 2012, and we continually hear from our users... Read more