The Primary Channel Balance – Part 2 5/5 (1)

Relationships of acupuncture meridians (channels) have been mapped out since the Nan Jing (100 CE). The essential premise is that qi (life energy) flows through twelve channels in a continuous sequence. This energy nourishes and invigorates all tissues along each pathway, including designated organs (zang-fu), blood flow, muscle, bone, etc. Read more

The Buzz on Evidence-based Medicine 5/5 (41)

“Evidence-based medicine.” Why is this such a common buzz phrase for modern acupuncturists? Have you been in social media acupuncture groups or to acupuncture symposiums lately? Acupuncturists want it and patients demand it. I don’t remember hearing much about it when I began my acupuncture journey 10 years ago. They... Read more

Beating Dehydration – Water and Health: Part 3 5/5 (37)

It’s been seven weeks since I began researching and writing this series about Chronic Dehydration. Drinking 3 liters of water has been life-changing on so many levels. Personally, I feel fantastic! Aches and pains have diminished, brain function has improved, and my digestive system feels so clean. The added BONUS–I’ve... Read more

Proving that Acupuncture Works—One Graph at a Time 4.82/5 (22)

The truth is, your patients don’t understand how acupuncture works, or how it can help them. The beauty of the AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging System is that it takes the confusion and mystery out of acupuncture, helps your patients “see the chi”, and creates raving fans who value acupuncture and refer you to friends and family. In a world where patients have been conditioned to trust x-rays, scans and tests, AcuGraph is the key to convert patients to your care, and skyrocket your practice success. Read more