Coronavirus — Acupuncture Can Make a Difference 4.93/5 (27)

This is a wonderful opportunity to better serve our patients and let our medicine shine by serving humanity. Whether you use one of these ideas or try one of your own, this is not the time for Acupuncture to step back! Let’s all step up, combat fear, help one another, and do good in the world! The good Karma will certainly manifest in future ways for each of us, and for our profession. Read more

Jennifer Aniston…stars in a new film about the daily agony of living with Chronic Pain. 5/5 (40)

Another Example of the Failure of Western Medicine to deal with Chronic Pain. The movie presents the heartbreaking story of how chronic pain, loneliness and despair drove this 38 year old woman to suicide. It’s shocking to hear she had 72 appointments with a collection of doctors, physiotherapists and pain clinics…and NONE... Read more