Jennifer Aniston…stars in a new film about the daily agony of living with Chronic Pain. 5/5 (40)

Chronic Pain movieAnother Example of the Failure of Western Medicine to deal with Chronic Pain.

The movie presents the heartbreaking story of how chronic pain, loneliness and despair drove this 38 year old woman to suicide. It’s shocking to hear she had 72 appointments with a collection of doctors, physiotherapists and pain clinics…and NONE OF IT HELPED!

In terms of her quality of life, she was existing, not living.

She couldn’t even tie her shoes or get dressed without help because of the strong medications that made her incoherent. Here’s the full article:

Auricuotherapy, or ear acupuncture, is commonly used and quite effective for pain. But don’t overlook this powerful technique for other conditions as well. Proponents of auriculotherapy suggest nearly any health condition can be addressed by this technique.

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