You Need to Know about These Side Effects

Being the curious sort, I sometimes see what acupuncture searches are most common in Google. Some of the results are very interesting. Recently, I ran across a gem of an article about the side effects of acupuncture. It was written from a medical standpoint…and it talked about the scary stuff. Pneumothorax and hepatitis. You know, the… Read More »

Skipping This Could Ruin Your Marketing!

In my last article, I discussed the definition of marketing. Here’s a quick review of that information: Marketing is NOT advertising. Advertising is what you do when you have finished the marketing process. It is the HOW of the equation. How do you spread your message? Advertising! Marketing is the WHAT, WHO and WHY of… Read More »

My Patient’s Energy is Choppy?

We have a policy at our office. If you have a question about something, it’s likely someone else probably does too. During our weekly meetings we share our question and the answer we received with everyone else—so the entire group can benefit. Recently, I received an email from an AcuGraph user who had a question about… Read More »

How to Create a Steady Stream of Profitable Wellness Patients

Have you been following us on Facebook? If so, you know I’ve been pretty busy lately, traveling to acupuncture shows and conventions!  (If not, what are you waiting for? Click here and LIKE our page!) Lately…. Who am I kidding? My schedule is actually packed all the way to the end of the year and beyond—especially… Read More »

*Urgent* AcuGraph Update

Hello Friends, Two weeks ago we announced the new AcuGraph 4.2.7 upgrade.  We’ve had about 30% of you upgrade…and for security purposes…we need 100% of you to upgrade! It’s an easy process. If your AcuGraph is up and running simply follow Steps 1-5 on the right. If you haven’t used your AcuGraph recently we suggest the… Read More »

What is the Value of YOUR Solution?

The Value of the Solution This is part 3 of my 6 part series. If you missed part One or Two…just click and catch up! Okay…let’s continue: If customers in ANY business ONLY pay for solutions to problems that matter to them, it’s time to ask yourself what problems you solve. Do you get people out… Read More »

3 Ways to Prepare the Patient for Auriculotherapy

Hello Friends, I had a customer email me and tell me that he had a couple of patients who would not provide any reading on the ear at all. Even when using Auriculo 3D and the Stimplus Pro to locate the Master Points, there was simply no response. I found this a bit puzzling because… Read More »

I Felt It In My Fingers First – (Acupuncture Today Article)

I’m not afraid to say it. Massage therapists make better acupuncturists. I’ll tell you how I know, but first I have a question: What do a microcurrent device, a laser and a hippie massage therapist have in common? Background Having never given a massage before and only receiving one massage in my life, I went… Read More »

Which method of Pain Relief works best?

Over the years we’ve spent a lot of time talking about various tools and techniques to use in your practice. Today I’ve created a short list of our most popular articles relating to Pain Relief. Just click on the thumbnail below to review the full article. There are some excellent case studies that I’m certain… Read More »

Death… It’s Not Always Peaceful: Part 2

Regardless of who we are, where we live, and what our life experiences may be—there are two things everyone of us are guaranteed to experience: birth and death. Acupuncture helps with both. If you didn’t read my previous blog, Death… It’s a Hard Subject: Part 1, you may want to catch up. We talked about… Read More »

Does Marketing Make You – Uncomfortable?

In my last Practice Management Blog (click here) I talked about all of the OTHER things you have to manage in your practice! Today’s acupuncturist is running a small business. As a small business, the most important thing you must do in your business is MARKETING. Everything else is driven by this function. Of course you… Read More »

Are You a Pulse Master?

You’ve been there and so have I… It was in my first diagnosis class in acupuncture school. Our assignment was to feel the patient’s pulse and report what we felt. I was gung-ho (or naïve) enough to volunteer first. There I stood, eyes closed, concentrating on feeling something meaningful in that regular thumping heartbeat. To… Read More »

WHAT is Superior to Pulse Diagnosis?

Have you been following the TCM -vs- Meridian series? This is Part 3. If you missed the prior posts, here are the links…click below and catch up! Dr. Jake Fratkin #1: “They didn’t Teach this in Acupuncture School“ Dr. Jake Fratkin #2: “Acupuncture’s Quiet Controversy“   “All health problems, whether due to trauma or organ… Read More »

Sneak peek at Dr. Fratkin’s blog Part III

Have you been following Dr. Jake Fratkin’s guest articles?  If’ you’ve missed them, here are the links…click below and catch up! Dr. Jake Fratkin #1: “They didn’t Teach this in Acupuncture School“ Dr. Jake Fratkin #2: “Acupuncture’s Quiet Controversy“ Dr. Jake Fratkin #3: COMING SOON! At the end of Part 2, Dr. Fratkin asked the… Read More »

Acupuncture’s Quiet Controversy – TCM vs Meridian

In my last blog I presented you with three questions: WHAT is Meridian Therapy acupuncture? HOW is it different from TCM acupuncture? WHY wasn’t this taught in Acupuncture School? If you missed it, click here to go back and catch up. Okay, let’s pick up where I left off. TCM acupuncture is a recent construct. In… Read More »