AcuGraph 5 Launch: How Did it Go?

Hello AcuGraph Friends, Now that the AcuGraph 5 launch and Loyalty Discounts are officially in the record books, I can finally take a minute to breathe. This has quite literally been the busiest six weeks of my life! But it’s also been a ton of fun and quite exhilarating to ride this roller coaster! I… Read More »

How Awesome are YOU at treating Shoulder Pain?

Is it bragging if you tell the world you are REALLY good at something? What if you broadcast it on your website or post about it on your Facebook page? What if you tell everyone you know that you have an AWESOME talent? Here’s what I think. If you are boastful to the point of… Read More »

Health Fair Success Formula – Grab These Tools!

Who am I and why am I writing This? My name is Alan Gifford and my JOB is helping Healthcare Practices Succeed. As a full-time practice coach working in the field of Acupuncture, I’ve had a lot of experience teaching practitioners to increase patient volume, satisfaction, and retention. Let me tell you…I love my job!… Read More »

The Graphing Game—Part 2

First I want to say GOOD JOB! We had a huge response to my last blog: The Graphing Game. I loved reading your individualized perspectives on this patient’s graph. So many of your responses were right on. Isn’t it awesome how experienced AcuGraph users  can look at a graph and learn so much about a… Read More »

The Graphing Game

Remember when you were in school and you had that really cool teacher who played games with you and you actually learned something? I’m going to be that really cool teacher today. We’re going to play a game. “The Graphing Game” It takes time to become excellent at graph analysis, but the rewards are awesome!  Expert Graph Analysis skills… Read More »

What’s Up with those High Readings?

Every now and then, I run across a graph that looks something like this:   Everything is high—in fact, so high that there are no findings at all. When everything is this elevated and this close together, it’s impossible to determine excess, deficiency, or splits. So what does it mean? 1. The coolest and most… Read More »

Damn… I Didn’t Need an Education?

How would you respond to this statement I recently received from an acupuncturist on Facebook in response to a blog post I wrote about AcuGraph? *Make sure you read the statement with sarcasm in your voice… “Wait a minute. …. I wasted thousands of dollars and years of my life to study TCM. I could have… Read More »

You Need to Know about These Side Effects

Being the curious sort, I sometimes see what acupuncture searches are most common in Google. Some of the results are very interesting. Recently, I ran across a gem of an article about the side effects of acupuncture. It was written from a medical standpoint…and it talked about the scary stuff. Pneumothorax and hepatitis. You know, the… Read More »

Skipping This Could Ruin Your Marketing!

In my last article, I discussed the definition of marketing. Here’s a quick review of that information: Marketing is NOT advertising. Advertising is what you do when you have finished the marketing process. It is the HOW of the equation. How do you spread your message? Advertising! Marketing is the WHAT, WHO and WHY of… Read More »

My Patient’s Energy is Choppy?

We have a policy at our office. If you have a question about something, it’s likely someone else probably does too. During our weekly meetings we share our question and the answer we received with everyone else—so the entire group can benefit. Recently, I received an email from an AcuGraph user who had a question about… Read More »

How to Create a Steady Stream of Profitable Wellness Patients

Have you been following us on Facebook? If so, you know I’ve been pretty busy lately, traveling to acupuncture shows and conventions!  (If not, what are you waiting for? Click here and LIKE our page!) Lately…. Who am I kidding? My schedule is actually packed all the way to the end of the year and beyond—especially… Read More »

*Urgent* AcuGraph Update

Hello Friends, Two weeks ago we announced the new AcuGraph 4.2.7 upgrade.  We’ve had about 30% of you upgrade…and for security purposes…we need 100% of you to upgrade! It’s an easy process. If your AcuGraph is up and running simply follow Steps 1-5 on the right. If you haven’t used your AcuGraph recently we suggest the… Read More »