AAH… How do you know it works?

Whenever I research a new treatment device, my first goal is to see if it changes the graph. Here’s the deal. I’m in the business to put the patient’s body into balance so it can heal itself. When energy flows through the channels smoothly, then everything else I do for treatment becomes more effective. I’ve been… Read More »

Did you know: AcuGraph 5 shows Musculotendino and Internal Channel Pathways

Just a quick post today… Did you know that AcuGraph 5 shows not only the channel pathways, but also includes Musculotendino and Internal pathways too? This addition to AcuGraph 5 really had Kimberly excited because when you’re showing your patient what you have found in the measurements of the channels, you can correlate those results with muscle… Read More »

Kimberly likes to “Cuss”!

Okay, since it’s officially been published in Acupuncture Today, I can’t keep it a secret any longer… Because you are my friends, I thought I should tell you myself before you read about it online. I “cuss” in my clinic.  I’ve been “cussing” for about six months. I wasn’t taught how to “cuss” in TCM school.… Read More »

When you Know you Have the Solution

When you know you have the solution, you want to share it with people who need it, don’t you? As acupuncturists, we all have incredible, unique solutions to so many problems. And the world needs our solutions. Unfortunate Acupuncture News It’s been a strange, unfortunate, even tragic week for acupuncture news, and it’s gotten me… Read More »

Oops—I Forgot About Her Foot Pain

I’ll bet you’ve done this before. The patient comes in for their regular treatment and spouts off her normal chief complaints: Upper back tension. She also mentions she have a weird random pain on the top of her right foot for no recognizable reason. I moved forward with my normal appointment flow–graph the patient; treat the points related… Read More »

AcuGraph 5 Launch: How Did it Go?

Hello AcuGraph Friends, Now that the AcuGraph 5 launch and Loyalty Discounts are officially in the record books, I can finally take a minute to breathe. This has quite literally been the busiest six weeks of my life! But it’s also been a ton of fun and quite exhilarating to ride this roller coaster! I… Read More »

How Awesome are YOU at treating Shoulder Pain?

Is it bragging if you tell the world you are REALLY good at something? What if you broadcast it on your website or post about it on your Facebook page? What if you tell everyone you know that you have an AWESOME talent? Here’s what I think. If you are boastful to the point of… Read More »

Health Fair Success Formula – Grab These Tools!

Who am I and why am I writing This? My name is Alan Gifford and my JOB is helping Healthcare Practices Succeed. As a full-time practice coach working in the field of Acupuncture, I’ve had a lot of experience teaching practitioners to increase patient volume, satisfaction, and retention. Let me tell you…I love my job!… Read More »

The Graphing Game—Part 2

First I want to say GOOD JOB! We had a huge response to my last blog: The Graphing Game. I loved reading your individualized perspectives on this patient’s graph. So many of your responses were right on. Isn’t it awesome how experienced AcuGraph users  can look at a graph and learn so much about a… Read More »

The Graphing Game

Remember when you were in school and you had that really cool teacher who played games with you and you actually learned something? I’m going to be that really cool teacher today. We’re going to play a game. “The Graphing Game” It takes time to become excellent at graph analysis, but the rewards are awesome!  Expert Graph Analysis skills… Read More »