Case Study: The Kidney Return Protocol 5/5 (27)

In this post, I will share an interesting case study involving the Kidney Return Protocol. First, I'll walk you through my thought process when analyzing the graph over the course of two visits. Read more

WEBINAR- Power in the Protocol: AcuGraph and the Kidney Return 4.83/5 (24)

We’ve all encountered patients who, for whatever reason, seem to have very little qi available with which to work. Such patients can be challenging, and may not respond well until their qi has been replenished. One of the first steps in treating such patients is to rally what qi reserves are available, to jump-start the meridian system and restore proper flow. Tadashi Irie’s Kidney Return Protocol is the perfect approach. It is fast, easy to perform,... Read more

5 Modern Acupuncture Tools for your ‘Toolbox’ 4.85/5 (26)

If you're here, I'm sure you know that ancient Chinese medicine is laden with power, wisdom and efficacy, and that is worth holding onto. That's why we make it our mission to marry the wisdom of ancient medicine with the power, credibility and precision of modern technology, and bring those priceless combinations to you.  Read more

Why the Name Change? 5/5 (23)

From Humble Beginnings  Today is a day of humble reflection as I remember the story of Miridia Technology.  When this company began over 15 years ago, it had a single employee—who didn’t even know that he was an employee (yet). I was still a student and had just been introduced to Ryodoraku acupuncture. I loved the idea of objective evidence of Qi balance, but I noticed a gap—something was missing. The pencil-and-paper approach I was taught... Read more