One Big Reason Why We do What We Do

  I have spoken a lot in the past about sitting on the fence and delaying the decision to add AcuGraph to your practice. It seems like I’m regularly making the case that a large percentage of you still don’t own AcuGraph and probably should. Sometimes I feel like a broken record. I know I talk a… Read More »

The Side Effects of Acupuncture Treatment

What are the side effects of acupuncture treatment? Being the curious sort, I sometimes see what acupuncture searches are most common in Google. Some of the results are very interesting. Recently, I ran across a gem of an article about the side effects of acupuncture. It was written from a medical standpoint…and it talked about… Read More »

Why you need to build professional referral bridges

————————————– Wanted: Successful Acupuncturist Seeking well-educated, charming, and nicely groomed acupuncturist who gets good results. Must have good communication skills and polite bedside manners. Practical experience in the field of bridge building is a MUST. ————————————– If this ad were for a real position, would it apply to you? Why does an acupuncturist NEED experience… Read More »

5 ‘Must-haves’ for a Successful Acupuncture Screening Event

When we take AcuGraph on the road for acupuncture trade shows, conventions and symposiums–we are the busiest booth at the event. It’s really a lot of fun having acupuncturists hang out and chat all weekend long. We’ve made many lifelong friends with acupuncturists all over the world by meeting at these events. Why do you… Read More »

Is ‘Acupuncture Technology’ still an Oxymoron Idea?

“People love [AcuGraph], it gets you patients, and potential clients love the charts and insights into their health. But…” I was cleaning my home office not long ago, and you’ll never guess what I found: A phone book. The Yellow Pages, in fact. Remember those? I frankly didn’t know I still had a phone book… Read More »