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This Shoulder Injury Healed Fast….

This Summer I’m going to be more careful. No shoulder injuries for me, I’ve learned my lesson!
You see, last Summer my stepson was preparing to try out for football and he wanted to be a receiver. Receivers need to be good at catching the ball, so I decided to throw him a few hundred passes.
Of course, I didn’t warm up…who thinks of that…right?! Boy did I pay for it that night…and when I went to work Monday morning my shoulder was throbbing!
When I got to the office, Kimberly noticed I was favoring my shoulder. After I explained what happened, she took me into her office and had me sit down. She then used her StimPlus Pro and treated my ear according to her Shoulder Pain protocol.
I was amazed how effective it was! With each point she treated on my ear I felt a corresponding tingle in my shoulder. When she was done, she asked me to move my arm around. I could hardly believe that there was NO pain!
She finished up the treatment by placing ear seeds on the corresponding points and instructing me to rub those seeds whenever my shoulder started to ache. I was a good patient and did as instructed. I’m not exaggerating when I say, in less than a week, my shoulder was completely healed! In the past, it took weeks to recover from an injury like that!
Kimberly has recorded a video where she demonstrates her Shoulder Pain Protocol. You’ll find it on our YouTube Channel. Here’s the link:

Shoulder Pain Video

If you haven’t purchased your StimPlus Pro yet, I highly recommend it. Obviously…Patients love it, plus it is an amazing tool that can be taken to Health Fairs and public events to demonstrate the effectiveness of Acupuncture therapy.
Have a great Summer…and learn from my mistakes…warm up to avoid injury!

Alan Gifford, MS
Practice Coach


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Alan Gifford MS, Practice Coach

For 20 years, Alan worked in the corporate world as a director of sales and marketing. He made a career change in 2003, returning to complete his Masters degree in Exercise and Wellness from Arizona State University. As a marketer and Exercise Physiologist, Alan spent the next four years working with Healthcare practitioners to increase patient volume, satisfaction and retention. He now works directly with clients of Miridia Technology to promote their practice and patient experience. In addition to English, he is fluent in Spanish and assists in developing our Latin-market presence.

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