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When I was seventeen, I decided to study Tae Kwon Do. I visited several different schools to find a teacher with the “right” philosophy. Some schools were militant, others were “feel good” schools. I was looking for an instructor who would teach me competitive fighting while also teaching me the principles of honor, integrity and self-discipline.

After a week of searching, I walked into a certain DoJang (Dojo) and was met by a small, unimposing Korean man who limped to meet me using a cane. I imagined he was the instructor’s father. He agreed to give me a tour and, as we walked, I explained what I was looking for. He commented on how tall I was, how young and strong. I imagined he was flattering me to entice me to join. (little did I know!)

He gave me a tour of his facility and showed me the practice weapons. The only thing I recognized was the classic American Baseball bat. He noticed my gaze and handed the bat to me. I took it and gave it a few swings. In his broken English he said, “Muggers use bat. I show you. Hit me with bat.” I slowly swung the bat at him, he just shook his head and gave me a look of disappointment. “Again,” he said.

This time I stepped forward, intending to hit him as instructed. His stance never changed. He stood there looking like a fragile, old man. Then, with a blur of motion, the cane deflected the bat and cracked me on the knuckles causing me to drop it. Before I knew it, my extended arms were locked by the crook of the cane. With a swift tug, I was pulled toward him. One of his hands grabbed my wrist and twisted. I saw the cane release and flash down to my ankle where it hooked and lifted my leg. I slammed against the floor with my arm twisted and his foot on my throat!

He released me and extended his hand to help me up. He then tapped me on the chest with the tip of his cane and said, “Want right school?..First, be right student.”  

Over the next five years, on my journey to a Black Belt, I came to understand what “right” meant. I’ve never forgotten that lesson, and I see its application in many different areas of life.

Now, as I work to help acupuncture practices thrive, I encounter practitioners who are trying to find the “right school,” in other words, the right technique, office location, office design, marketing method or employee. They search and search, but fail to realize the need to become the “right student.”

I eventually discovered what it meant to be the “right student.” Following are the basic attributes:  

1. Humility – Humility is multi-dimensional and includes self-understanding, awareness, openness to ideas and perspective. Would you agree that graduates at ANY level are a little short in this attribute? Most practitioners who buy an AcuGraph system have been practicing for a couple of years and have realized just how hard it is! They are humble once again. Patients depend on their care provider being humble and aware of new ideas and treatments. If they sense a closed mind, they emotionally withdraw rather than risk being criticized.

2. Confidence –  When patients walk through your door, they want to meet a professional who gives them hope; someone they can believe in! This attitude creates a magnetic aura in your clinic that draws people to you. A feeling that no matter what the condition is…YOU can help. If you don’t have the answer, you’ll FIND the answer!

3. Creativity – It is all too common for professionals to have their creativity “instructed” out of them by the very schools that confer the degrees. Acupuncture existed thousands of years before the first University was founded. Imagine the creativity and openness that was required of the early masters! They were not limited in their search for truth and for the BEST way to treat.

My Tae Kwon Do Master had these attributes, as well as the patience to teach a cocky, teenage boy that a simple cane in the hands of a master could change his perception. AcuGraph can be that cane in the hands of you, the master, to provide diagnostic proof that acupuncture can invoke change. Once patients’ perceptions change, they stick to the treatment plan, refer their friends and family, and become advocates for your clinic.

As you show them their graph and the meridian imbalances, they realize you understand what is wrong and can help them feel better. You have a tool to see the Qi and to get it flowing again which will help them to heal as no prescription drug or surgery ever will.

This is a VERY exciting time for the field of “Alternative” and “Complimentary” medicine! The technological rate of change is accelerating. In the past 10-15 years, there has been an explosion of ideas resulting in dozens of effective, diagnostic tools and treatment equipment. Miridia Technology is leading this wave of innovation. We are THE leading developer of Acupuncture Technology!

Invest in the AcuGraph system. It is a simple, yet powerful, tool; much like the cane used by my Tae Kwon Do Master. It’s time for the Old Ways and New Technology to work together and provide the best care possible!















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Alan Gifford MS, Practice Coach

For 20 years, Alan worked in the corporate world as a director of sales and marketing. He made a career change in 2003, returning to complete his Masters degree in Exercise and Wellness from Arizona State University. As a marketer and Exercise Physiologist, Alan spent the next four years working with Healthcare practitioners to increase patient volume, satisfaction and retention. He now works directly with clients of Miridia Technology to promote their practice and patient experience. In addition to English, he is fluent in Spanish and assists in developing our Latin-market presence.

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