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The other day, my eight years old asked me what the word population meant. I used the same answer that my mom gave me when I was a kid:  “Go and look it up in a dictionary.” She looked at me funny and then asked:  “What is a dictionary?” I shook my head and showed her an old dictionary on the bookshelf. She then asked if she could just use the computer to look it up on Google. Sometimes I am jealous of my kids. They live in a world with digital cameras, cell phones, text messaging, Google, iPad, and laptop computers. They can pull together a term paper in a fraction of the time it took me. Why? Because the resources they have at their fingertips are just amazing!

I loved being a college student, and I’ll have to admit that I was a TCM nerd. My books became worn and ragged because I would spend hours studying. I have boxes of handwritten notes tucked away in the garage, files and files of notes on my computer from lectures, and textbooks filled with handwritten notes in the margins.  I hold onto these notes because they are filled with valuable information—but I don’t have access to them when I need them in my clinic.

It is this exact problem that we set out to correct with our latest product: Points PC – and Miridia Technology has done it again! We have created a resource that will make you wish that you could go back to college to take notes all over again. Imagine sitting in a Points class and having all the important information you need to know about each point right in front of you—location, function, indication, real picture images, etc. Imagine even further that you can take notes right in the program so that later in life, when you are really treating patients, all those little tidbits of information shared by instructors would be available to you with a click of a mouse.

The best part is that I can utilize this resource in my clinic. I can look up a point, I can add in tidbits of information that I learn in a seminar, I can search for my favorite points for any given condition, and I can customize the program to completely fit my needs.

The future is here! Points are the new and easy way to access everything you ever wanted to know about points. It is fully searchable—so with a click of the mouse, you can immediately have access to any acupuncture point. PLUS—you can add your own notes.  Imagine how much easier life would have been for you, if you could have added notes right into the computer during the lecture. Points PC is an amazing resource for college students, as well as those who have graduated. Take a look for yourself. Points is amazing!

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Kimberly Thompson, L.Ac.

Acupuncture Research Analyst

Miridia Technology Inc.

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Dr. Kimberly Thompson, DACM, L.Ac.

Dr. Kimberly Thompson, DACM, L.Ac. is a US licensed acupuncturist in the state of Idaho and certified in the treatment of acupuncture, Oriental medicine and Chinese herbology by the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). Kimberly wears multiple hats in the acupuncture community. She owns her private clinic, Meridian Family Acupuncture. She has spent the last 10 years working for Miridia Technology as an acupuncture Research Analyst–where she helps plan, develop, and integrate modern diagnostic and treatment tools for the ever-evolving scientific world of acupuncture. Kimberly is a world-renown teacher, blogger, columnist, and mentor in the acupuncture community.

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    1. Hello Isaac,

      We have apps available for Points and Auriculo on the iPhone at this time. Please take a look at our website for further details.

      The computer version has greater capability than the simple iPhone app–like the ability to type in all of your college notes, printing capabilities, and searchability.


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