Proving that Acupuncture Works—One Graph at a Time 4.75/5 (24)

The truth is, your patients don’t understand how acupuncture works, or how it can help them. The beauty of the AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging System is that it takes the confusion and mystery out of acupuncture, helps your patients “see the chi”, and creates raving fans who value acupuncture and refer you to friends and family. In a world where patients have been conditioned to trust x-rays, scans and tests, AcuGraph is the key to convert patients to your care, and skyrocket your practice success. Read more

Graph Analysis Series #1: Getting Started with Your AcuGraph Results 5/5 (39)

Practitioners often ask advice on analyzing graphs. My graph-analyzation skills have developed over time. As a new AcuGraph user, I questioned the graph. Then, I began trying to decipher the graph based on TCM patterns. Once I began teaching the Seminar Series, I really began to understand how the AcuGraph... Read more