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Can Laser Acupuncture Improve Memory?


I was surfing the internet and came across an article extolling the benefits of Laser Acupuncture. The headline caught my eye since I have a sister-in-law that is struggling with Alzheimer’s disease.

Here are the critical nuggets from the article:

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“Traditionally, acupuncture involves the insertion of extremely thin needles into acupoints. But now, thanks to advances in the use of lasers, even those who get queasy at the thought or sight of needles can benefit from acupuncture.

Rather than needles, laser acupuncture uses low-energy lasers at specific wavelengths to influence the flow of energy at the acupoints. So far, practitioners are finding that the positive effects mirror those of traditional acupuncture. And research has begun to show some interesting and novel uses for laser acupuncture.

In one study out of Thailand, researchers tested laser acupuncture on rats with chemically induced memory impairment to determine if this could be a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.2

The researchers treated the rats with laser acupuncture at the HT7 acupoint once a day for 14 days for 10 minutes each day. (HT7 is the pathway to the heart and is linked to emotional issues such as excessive anxiety and worry. HT7 stimulation has also been researched for its link to improved learning and memory.)

Memory assessments on the rats were conducted several times throughout the trial, and researchers monitored the changes in multiple markers and enzymes, including malondialdehyde (a marker for oxidative stress) and superoxide dismutase and catalase (enzymes that are an important antioxidant defense mechanism).

They found that the laser acupuncture enhanced superoxide dismutase and catalase activity and significantly suppressed acetylcholinesterase activity in the hippocampus area of the brain. Acetylcholinesterase is responsible for the breakdown of acetylcholine, one of the many neurotransmitters in the autonomic nervous system. Damage to the acetylcholine-producing system in the brain causes memory deficits, especially those commonly seen with Alzheimer’s.


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2. Sutalangka C, et al. J Acupunct Meridian Stud. 2013 Oct;6(5):247-51.

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Are you using Lasers for Acupuncture yet?

Clearly, this study is limited…but the fact that they are using lasers and acupuncture points is encouraging. With such an innocuous treatment method we’re certain to see similar human studies soon.

It’s time to spread the word about Laser Acupuncture! Talk about this in your Blog, on Facebook, in your Groups and of course with your patients. People who have been hesitant to see you because of their needle phobia need to know this is a VERY effective option!

The best lasers are designed to tonify (red 635 nm) or sedate (blue 450 nm) the acupuncture points. They are affordable, reliable and effective.

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4 Replies to “Lasers, HT-7 & Alzheimer’s

  1. There are important things to know about this study. It was performed on Alzheimer-induced Wistar rats, not on humans. The laser used was 405nm and 100mW. With a 10 minute irradiation time the dose delivered was P (Power in W) X Time (Seconds = 0.1W X 600sec = 60 Joules per point (delivered to a very small rat paw). Yes, phototherapy shows promise in treating neurocognitive disorders but we can’t take that data and extrapolate dose or results to humans…and it would be a little unethical to make claims or promises to patients. And perhaps unfeasible: to replicate that dose using the laser instrument you own divide 60 Joules by the power of your laser in Watts. For instance, for a 5mW laser pointer: 60J / .005W = 200 minutes, ie, over 3 hours per point!!

    1. Thank you Dr. Rasplica for your detailed review. Your advice is wise. Experiencing the decline of a loved one suffering with Alzheimers has made me overly enthusiastic about possible alternative therapies. I sincerely hope that they conduct human trials soon!

  2. Sir, the tech information is excellent, but for thousands of years people have been treated in ways that orthodox medicine just will not recognise. Hundreds of thousands of people have been made completely well with all sorts of complementary medicine. So it is worth accepting the benefits that may come along by people using lasers on people who have terrible endless diseases with no so- called cures at this time.
    My wife has second stage Alzheimer’s disease. As a retired acupuncturist I have only used one of the recognise acupnts. Pe.6. The change that happened in the sundowning period 5pm to 9pm was quite dramatic. She completely mentally calmed down , the fear state subsided, the concern about intangible things stopped. And the occasional hallucination other other people being in the bungalow stopped. But then they may not have been hallucinations because she always mediumistic. The other thing is that I only used a miniature pet red laser of 1mw 650nm. And it was only put on the PE.6 on one arm for about 1 min for a couple of evenings.
    Always keep an open mind.
    There are ways of getting good treatments for yourself. Urine Therapy is the most wonderful of health giving treatments for humans. They just have to enquire into it. And have open minds.

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