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1-Fullscreen capture 10102013 94026 AMI hear it time and time again, practitioners learn everything they need to learn in school… except for how to actually run a successful acupuncture practice.

It’s common to hear that this is one of the reasons so many practitioners are attracted to AcuGraph in the first place.

Marketing is more than advertising. It is the management of the patient experience. Today, I want you to see how AcuGraph helps you manage the patient experience and ties it all together!

Here are the 5 Key Ingredients of a successful practice, and how AcuGraph can help you market each step along the way.

Are you doing these already?

5 Steps to practice success

number 1Finding New Patients – External Marketing

One of the first questions to ask yourself is, “What am I currently doing to market my practice?” The most effective marketing is word of mouth…YOUR mouth! There are dozens of opportunities all around you to teach, engage and entertain people…for FREE. Perhaps all you need is a little help knowing what to say.

Enter, the AcuGraph.

The AcuGraph was designed to be visually and audibly engaging. The graphs, colors and sounds are intriguing to the human mind. When people SEE or HEAR these, they STOP and WATCH! When you take the AcuGraph to a public demonstration, be it a Health Fair or a Health class at the local High School, your audience will pay attention.

People want to be tested…they want to see how they compare. As a society, we’ve come to rely heavily on computers for information. The AcuGraph delivers. You’ll be amazed how much you can tell about a person from simply looking at the graphs that AcuGraph generates. With a little practice, you’ll be able to book appointments with 50% of the people who attend your presentation or stop by your table for a quick two-minute public screening exam.

number2Initial Evaluation & Diagnosis

When the AcuGraph is used at the very beginning of an initial exam, it becomes a powerful tool for discovering hidden problems. Intake questionnaires frustrate most patients. The AcuGraph will help you uncover information the patient left off the intake form. Old injuries, scars, surgeries, trauma etc…can easily be discussed as you review the initial AcuGraph exam results. Look at each of the meridian channels and ask the patient to think what might be interfering with the flow of energy along that pathway, you’ll stimulate their memory and uncover all kinds of things!

It is amazing how often patients will look at the pictures of the meridians and say something like, “Oh yeah, I forgot about my two C-Sections, those were years ago.” Uncovering problems improves the diagnosis and treatment of the patient and bolsters their confidence in you. When you share intimate details of your past with someone…you naturally develop a deeper trust and confidence in them.

number 3Treatment Effectiveness

AcuGraph makes treatment recommendations too. They are NOT designed to replace your diagnosis. They supplement your experience. Dr. Jake Fratkin explains: “With meridian therapy, I saw that patients got better in half as many treatments. But this was not due to discarding TCM; it was due to adding in meridian therapy. That is to say, I used meridian therapy as our root treatment, and added in TCM, or other modalities, as the branch treatment.”

Dr. Jake Fratkin also made the following comment at a seminar; “At the end of the day, when I’m tired, I don’t have as much confidence in my TCM diagnosis. At these times, I rely on AcuGraph to show me things I might otherwise miss.” The AcuGraph provides insight for the practitioner and printed evidence for the patients. Patients like seeing their improvement and frequently share their graph results with friends and family…in person and online. Practitioners have confidence, clarity, and empirical proof in their treatments.

number 4Treatment Plans & Payments

Treatment plans are the most reliable means of getting a commitment from the patient. It is important to pre-schedule their follow-up appointments. This is seldom easy with traditional TCM. The AcuGraph provides objective evidence of their energy flow at that moment…and how it needs to improve. It provides a regular measurement of their energy fluctuations and verifies that they’ve been compliant with your recommendations. Patients get this. It doesn’t take a lot of explaining. They simply accept it.

Utilizing the AcuGraph dramatically increases the perceived value of your services. AcuGraph’s reports provide hard evidence for the skeptics in your patients’ lives. It is a tool that teaches them to continue with their care until they are truly recovered and even healthy! It is a key element in reducing patient attrition and the MOST effective way to transition them into monthly, maintenance care.

number 5Retention & Reactivation Marketing

There are dozens of reasons why patients stop coming. The key is to create a treatment plan that trains the patient to transition through the stages of care. From Acute care to Recovery and continuing with Maintenance care. AcuGraph provides the detailed reports and graphs you need to begin the teaching process on day one with the new patient.

AcuGraph also organizes your electronic patient data for easy export into email and social media marketing programs. Sending automated sequences of emails/messages that are fun and informative will gently lead the patient to become a Maintenance-care client. If 50% of your session were booked with maintenance visits, how would it affect your bottom line?!

An AcuGraph exam also represents a great way to reactivate patients you haven’t seen in a while. Simply invite them to come in for a quick exam. There is no charge for this service, you simply want to make sure their exam scores are holding steady. If they are, GREAT! Your treatments work and you have a chance to maintain a friendship. If they aren’t, you schedule a treatment and point out the value of a monthly maintenance visit.

NOW can you see how the AcuGraph will make a BIG difference in your practice? 

Effective use of the AcuGraph will
positively impact every aspect of your practice!

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Alan Gifford MS, Practice Coach

For 20 years, Alan worked in the corporate world as a director of sales and marketing. He made a career change in 2003, returning to complete his Masters degree in Exercise and Wellness from Arizona State University. As a marketer and Exercise Physiologist, Alan spent the next four years working with Healthcare practitioners to increase patient volume, satisfaction and retention. He now works directly with clients of Miridia Technology to promote their practice and patient experience. In addition to English, he is fluent in Spanish and assists in developing our Latin-market presence.

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  1. Good morning ,
    I wondering if you would do a little more work on explaining the YIN/Yang screen…+ – signs would they apply with Elec stim~ for example.. or magnet therapy … Y/Y.. L/R..E/V …. how do you see this screen being used?? Perhaps your team can do a follow up using this screen only for a treatment and pop it into a blog …. Many Thanks Mark

    1. Mark,

      I am trying to understand your question completely. Are you asking me to focus a discussion on the Yin/Yang Screen and tell you how I come up with treatment strategies for that screen only?

      Could you expand more on this portion of your question?

      “+ – signs would they apply with Elec stim~ for example.. or magnet therapy … Y/Y.. L/R..E/V …. how do you see this screen being used??”

      More information will help me to answer your question more effectively. Thanks!


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