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SHHH2Hello Everybody! Before I get started on the blog I want to share a little secret…

Months of work are about to pay off!  Something BIG is coming…and we’re sooo EXCITED!

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A few years ago my kids dragged me kicking and screaming onto a website called Facebook. They helped me create a profile and connect with them. Now I LOVE it! I get to see all of the cute pictures they post and I’ve connected with many of my long lost friends as well as many of you new friends and business associates!

Without a question, the best thing about Facebook is the pictures. The picture to the right was posted early this morning. They communicate so much more than simple text alone could ever hope to.

We completely agree! Which is why we’ve created some of the best Acupuncture related posters in the world! If you’re following our Facebook page you’ve seen some of the discussions about Acupuncture posters.


We recently purchased this HUGE laminator to protect our extra large posters and banners! We can almost laminate a sheet of plywood! (although I’m not sure why we’d want to!)

As I interact with you on Facebook I’ve realized that many of you have not seen the posters and artwork we’ve created.  So I gathered them in this blog!

Take a look…I’ve included a link for each poster that will take you directly to the store to place your order. When you find what you’d like, just click the link!

Rest assured we carefully ship all of our posters in protective tubes!




Acupuncture Points & Pathways Poster

Ultimate Wall Chart

Acupuncture Points & Pathways: The ULTIMATE Acupuncture Wall Chart: Photographic Version, 36″ by 36″

This chart is built on actual human photos, not cartoon illustrations.

You’ll see what the landmarks actually look like, not just what an artist imagined. We sorted through all the information typically included on charts.

We kept the important clinical information you need and eliminated the fluff. Resulting in a less-crowded, more useful chart.


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The World’s Best AuriculoTherapy Poster

This beautiful, full-color chart includes over 270 illustrated points and areas in high-quality detail. Carefully researched and painstakingly illustrated, this chart is an excellent clinical tool for patient education, diagnostic information and treatment point location.

All points are listed alphabetically and easily located by grid for quick access to any point you need.

Dimensions are 24 x 36 inches (61 x 91 cm). Printed in USA on high-gloss heavy poster paper and plastic laminated for extra protection. This is one HUGE ear.

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Auricular Treatment Protocols


These unique full-color charts are beautifully illustrated and provide complete information about every point listed for at-a-glance information and patient education. Professionally printed on heavy 11×17 gloss card stock, these charts enhance the professional image of any office.

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Twelve Meridian Art Prints – This set of 12 prints includes beautiful artistic representations of all 12 main meridians, printed at 11″ by 14″ on glossy, high-quality photographic stock and well suited for framing.

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