Report: Live Mexico Seminar… And the Truth about Dr. Larsen 5/5 (32)

On March 12-13, we held our first live training in a language other than English. Because we have done live seminars in the past, we know putting on any live event is a lot of work, but doing it in a foreign language was a greater accomplishment indeed!

Interestingly, I got my hands on a letter from an attendee. When I asked Dr. Larsen to include this in his report for the seminar, he politely declined. I have to admit, I was a little shocked. He went on to say that he didn’t want to include that letter because the training, research and development he does is not about him at all. I totally respect that.

So, while he’s out of the office today, I’m taking the liberty of posting the Mexico report without him!

First of all, I want to say a big “Thank You” to our Mexico distributor, Mónica, who did an unbelievable job with the preparation and execution of the seminar. It was a great success, as you can see from these pictures we snapped:

Those who attended really enjoyed the seminar as well, as was evidenced by the letter I’m not supposed to share. Since Dr. Larsen is out of the office today, I think I’m going to share it anyway:

Thank you Dr. Larsen for what you have done for humankind. Thank you for giving it time and for making acupuncture easy, accessible and satisfying. Thank you for helping the sick people who need help from us. I think your mission is really big and you have accomplished a lot by training us today.

Thank you for all this, and above all, thank you for being so noble, nice and kind; please take with you a message to the people in your country:

“When people like you travel abroad to transmit new knowledge…, you transcend boundaries and become important to people regardless of their nationality.

“You are universal.”

Thank you very much and God bless you.

Wow. What a nice compliment to Dr. Larsen. Although he does not think so, I really do think this message applies to his work and his mission. His dedication shows in the quality of his research, the elegance of the products he produces, and above all in the way he talks about you, his customers. He lives for serving you, and in his mind, he succeeds only when you succeed. He really is “universal.”

Years ago, when he sold his private practice and started working on research and development full time, he made a startling admission: It is amazing to help a patient overcome their medical problems, but he realized that he could only help hundreds of people working in practice. Walking away from that and focusing completely on building better products was one of the hardest decisions he ever made. Now, in just a few short years he has already helped hundreds of thousands of patients, through the wonderful research he pursues and the fantastic products he creates. And he will be the first to admit that it is a very fulfilling experience for him.

He will, however, be embarrassed to see that I posted this. I get to see a side of Dr. Larsen that very few other people get to see, and I think it’s important sometimes to be appropriately recognized. I work with him every single day, and it’s an honor to be his business manager, and his brother, but above all, it’s amazing to see him tirelessly reach for the acupuncture stars. He does it every day, and he does it for us.

Thank you Adrian.

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Cameron M. Larsen received his Bachelors degree from Southern Virginia University with an emphasis in Business Management and MultiMedia Design. At the conclusion of his studies he joined the Miridia Technology team as a marketing specialist and assisted with software design and development, and all aspects of business development and management. With extensive knowledge of business and acupuncture practice, he is now the General Manager of Miridia Technology, Inc. He, his wife, and five children reside in Meridian, ID.

8 Replies to “Report: Live Mexico Seminar… And the Truth about Dr. Larsen

  1. Dear Dr. Larsen,

    Thanks for giving information about the AcuGraph system. It is possible to make a seminar in our country, Dhaka, Bangladesh where I could arrange 50 Doctors who can be trainee of ur session.
    Aldrin Khan

  2. I guess this is what happens when you take a week off for vacation.

    Thanks Cameron for this very nice post, and thanks to all our AcuGraph users for the amazing work you do. I really do consider that you are the miracle workers, and our job is to support you with the best technology products available.

    1. Wow Dr Larsen it was so nice to see this post, and see the pictures!!!! what a nice time we spent there, thank you, we remember you with love and you can be sure we´ll not forget you, I hope you have enjoy Morelia (Mexico) and also I hope to see you again some time!!!! the seminar was great thanks say hi to your family.
      Dr Rabago.

  3. I enjoyed all I have read about acugraph and I am interested in buying one.How do I order it online?

  4. je dis merci au créateur d’acugraph j’aimerai que vous organisez aussi des formations et des séminaires au Cameroun pour tout l’Afrique je souhaite longue vie a acugraph

  5. Hi,Thanks for all those information on the product and I m actualy want to purchase the product provided that your vendor in INDIA having the payment facility of payment in equal instalment.Could you please inform if there is any such stock point in INDIA having such facility to pay the cash in Monthly or Quarterly.


    1. Thanks for your comment.

      Unfortunately, I do not know what payment options there are in India, or if there is any delayed or deferred payment option at all. To find this information, you should contact them directly.

      I hope this helps!

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