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AcuGraph is now posting regular updates on facebook and twitter. We will be covering the development of AcuGraph 5 and other projects happening here at Miridia Technology. These networking sites will offer you a great opportunity to network with other AcuGraph practitioners and will allow us all to work together to advance the research and development of modern acupuncture.

From time to time we will also be offering special discounts and other special offers through one or more of these networking sites. Often these specials will be restricted to those who are Facebook fans, or followers on Twitter.

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Cameron M. Larsen received his Bachelors degree from Southern Virginia University with an emphasis in Business Management and MultiMedia Design. At the conclusion of his studies he joined the Miridia Technology team as a marketing specialist and assisted with software design and development, and all aspects of business development and management. With extensive knowledge of business and acupuncture practice, he is now the General Manager of Miridia Technology, Inc. He, his wife, and five children reside in Meridian, ID.

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