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Am I Dying Like Elvis Presley?

This blog post is coming to you from a HAPPY gal with a HAPPY cycle, thanks to Jade Vitality. You read that right; I’ve been having pain-free periods for the last few months! You may be wondering how that’s possible, and you may be wondering what “Jade Vitality” is—don’t worry, I’ll explain soon!—But in order for you to understand where I am now, you’ll first have to understand how my journey into womanhood began.

The week I got my first ever period, I had learned at school from a fellow classmate that Elvis Presley had died on the toilet. So naturally, when I saw blood for the first time, I thought I was dying on the toilet, too. Little did I know, it was actually my period, not death knocking at my door! Getting my first period was rather traumatic. It didn’t help that my mom ordered me a custom cake that read “WELCOME TO WOMANHOOD.” Endearing, but embarrassing. 

The “Lovely” Journey to Womanhood

Thanks to a rather half-baked sex-education lesson in school, I was under the impression that a period meant a PERIOD of blood… like a literal dot. NOT a gushing flow. Poor 12 year old me was sure in for a surprise! Looking back, I now understand why I thought I was dying like Elvis. My periods as a teen were HEAVY, PAINFUL & traumatizing! As the years went on, I suffered monthly from excessive bleeding and severe dysmenorrhea (period pain).

My mom did a wonderful job of helping me to manage my symptoms by taking me to many different practitioners. I supported my hormones through testing and supplementation which helped my flow intensity, but no matter what I did, I just could not get rid of the pain! For 14 years, I lived with the knowledge that every month, I would have 2-3 days of EXTREME, debilitating pain. I was forced to plan my schedule and life around my period because I basically couldn’t function during my heaviest days.

Finally, 6 months ago, I was having the worst period cramps that I have ever experienced. I was starting to get really upset and frustrated about it. As a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, I do everything I can to support my body through menstruation and balance my cycle. I use herbs, supplements, acupuncture, diet, and lifestyle techniques. WHY was I still struggling with this?! At the peak of my frustration, I saw that Mirida Technology was releasing a new Jade Vitality Pad for the WAIST! I instantly bought it to start some experimentation; both for myself, and for my patients.

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Look Out Period Pain, Jade Vitality to the Rescue!

HOLY DYNA… the last 5 months of menstruating while using the Jade Vitality Far-Infrared Heat Waist Wrap have been SEAMLESS. I would even go so far as to say that my periods have been a JOY! I had always heard of women with pain-free periods using their time of menstruation to tap into their creativity, visualize their body shedding stagnant energy, or even enhance their femininity. 6 months ago, there was NO WAY I could even begin to fathom doing anything but crying during my cycle. But now, I’m finally starting to understand where all those women were coming from!

You can learn more about Jade Vitality products, and the waist wrap specifically, here:

I began using the waist wrap 5 months ago for 3-4 days leading up to my period to help encourage circulation, movement, and lymphatic flow. I just place it on my abdomen for 20-30 minutes in the evening while relaxing and decompressing from the day. Then, during my period, I use it daily, hourly, or as needed when I feel any cramps brewing in the southern region. You have to understand… NOTHING I had ever tried before has even touched my cramps. But since starting this regiment with Jade Vitality, I have had 5 PAIN FREE periods. Absolutely unbelievable. I am blown away, and so excited for what this means for myself, my patients, and women everywhere!

What Does Chinese Medicine Say about Infrared Heat?

In Chinese Medicine, the importance of body temperature regulation and its connection to homeostasis have been closely studied and understood. MANY menstruation-specific issues in Traditional Chinese Medicine are related to cold patterns, or Yang Deficient Syndromes. When there isn’t enough Qi to move blood, or when that Qi or blood becomes stagnant, symptoms like infertility, irregular cycles and painful periods often follow. The Jade Vitality Waist Wrap supports healthy yang and healthy warmth, which gets the Qi and Blood moving through the midsection and uterus. Goodbye stagnation and hello pain-free periods! 

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How I Use Jade Vitality in my Practice

After my own positive experience with Jade Vitality, I started using the Jade Vitality Waist Wrap in my clinic 3 months ago. So far I’ve mainly used it for those menstruating or seeking fertility support, but I have also used it on patients with back\groin injuries or pain. I prepare their body for treatment by placing the Jade Vitality Wrap on the area of concern for about 20 minutes before I use needles. Where I practice in Canada it is EXTREMELY HOT.. so I’m looking forward to the cold of winter where I can use the pad on every patient before treatment.

Deeply relaxing, warming, and EMF-free, Jade Vitality heating pads combine pain-fighting far infrared heat with mood-boosting negative ions to prepare the body for treatment—promoting deep relaxation, inner balance, and increased flow of Qi.

Clinical evidence suggests Jade Vitality may increase the effectiveness of treatment by temporarily increasing circulation, decreasing inflammation, boosting mood, and promoting muscular relaxation. What a wonderful adjunct treatment for acupuncturists everywhere!

I am so excited to watch my patients heal, rather than experiencing “near Elvis Presley deaths” like I did as a teen.  

If you have questions about how to use Jade Vitality in your practice or in your own life, please reach out! You can message me on Instagram @kenzifitness, or shoot an email to

Wishing you Joy,

Kenzie, Dr. Ac.


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