Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions! 5/5 (40)

I don’t like New Year’s resolutions.

New Years Resolution

Oh, I’ve tried them before, and frankly found it a waste of time.

The trouble is this: once I’ve resolved to do something, or not do something, and then failed even once, the resolution is broken and soon forgotten.

It’s a high-stakes gamble that I seem to lose!

One break is all it takes for the whole resolution to go out the window.

I much prefer to focus on priorities for the new year.

I look at what I hope to accomplish, what is most important and congruent with my values, and set my focus there as a priority. It is much easier for me to stick with this method, and more successful in getting me to actually refocus.

Best of all, a priority can remain, even when I make mistakes. Nothing is broken or lost.

So if you have to set one priority for your practice for 2015, what will it be?

• More effective billing?
• Greater patient retention?
• New office furniture?

69 PercentWell actually, I already know the answer for many, if not most of us.

Based on survey results, I can tell you that the overwhelming majority (69%) of acupuncture practitioners want to make gaining new patients their top priority.

No surprise there, right?

If new patients are your priority, how do you plan to acquire them? 

In the interest of brevity, I’ll get right to the point:

Using the AcuGraph at Public Health Screenings is the most effective method I’ve ever seen for attracting new patients.

How effective?

An average of 2 new patients per hour of screening. 

Translation: Participate or set up a 4-hour health screening, say on a Saturday, and expect to get about 8 new patients. Not bad for an afternoon!

Now here’s the question. What is a new patient worth to your practice?

Based on total expected visits and revenue, what does each patient bring to your practice over the course of a year? $500? $800? $1,200?

If you’re like most practitioners, the answer is somewhere between $700 and $1,500. Perhaps more. Therefore, your time spent attracting new patients is time well spent indeed.

What are 8 new patients worth to you? Think you can spare 4 hours?

Survey result: “AcuGraph users have 35% more practice revenue than practitioners who do not use AcuGraph.”

If new patients are a priority in your practice this year, AcuGraph is your best friend.

Set your priorities and get the most from your equipment,
your practice, and yourself in 2015!

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Dr. Adrian Larsen

Adrian P. Larsen, D.C., F.A.S.A., C.Ac. Dr. Larsen is President of Miridia Technology Inc., and one of the developers of the AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging system. He currently divides his time between research, product development, and teaching. Dr. Larsen also holds certifications in Applied Kinesiology and CPK, and has specialized training in SOT and craniopathy. He, his wife, and 7 children reside in Meridian, Idaho.

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