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Many of my articles talk about how to attract the public to you, drawing in new patients who would, otherwise, not even consider seeing an Acupuncturist.

I often talk about ‘screening’ a patient and using the “Screening Module.” However, I wonder if you’re asking yourself: “What is this Screening Module he keeps talking about?”

That’s a good question and it’s time to answer it!

The AcuGraph Screening Module provides two tools in one.

    • First, it gives you the Screening Exam, which assesses only the client’s hands. This eliminates the need to ask strangers to remove their shoes and let you handle their feet. Believe it or not, this is actually a sticking point for some potential patients.
    • Second, the Screening Module creates the printed ‘Screening Report.’ This report compares the potential patient’s results with an optimal graph result and graphically displays the need for treatment. Best of all, this report is just one page and is easily customized with your unique practice information, description and philosophy.

It even includes the patient’s follow-up appointment time. It’s the most important thing the potential patient needs to receive from his or her first encounter with you.

The Screening Module is a ‘Power Tool’ and it takes practice to use it right!

“Add Patient” screen

It starts when you’re adding the details of the person you’re about to screen. Use this as an opportunity to gather ALL of the critical data you need to develop a relationship with this individual. DO NOT SKIP THROUGH THIS…this is GOLD and key to improving your practice! You will have ALL of their pertinent information, allowing you to send them a thank you card, birthday card, email or phone call! You can send them an invite via Facebook or give them incentive to follow you on Twitter!

As you talk with the prospect, enter little notes in the box marked by the arrow. Notes like: “Blonde, nice sandals, son in soccer, frequent headaches, never tried Acu” are the best. You’ll see so many people at an event that you WILL NOT remember their details…I like to type them in at this stage, so it doesn’t interfere with setting the appointment.

Once you’ve gotten to know them a bit, ask them to take their watch or jewelry off, then start your exam. Quickly explain what an Acupuncture Meridian is and what the equipment is doing. Here are a couple of my favorite explanations:

  • The test I’m going to do will send a small electrical signal through your Acupuncture Meridians. These meridians are the primary conduits of energy through your body. If there is a block or an imbalance we’ll see it on the screen when I’m done.”
  • The meridian system consists of more than 400 points and 20 meridians connecting most of the points. Think of it like an Interstate highway connecting the dots on a map. These dots are the ‘freeway interchanges’ for energy in your body. I’m going to test and see if you have any traffic jams on your “Energy Highways.”


Exam – In ‘Screening Mode’

Next, you’ll conduct the exam. After you enter a new patient and click on ‘Exam’ you will need to click the ‘Screening Mode’ icon at the bottom right of the screen. Once clicked, the lower body exam boxes go away and the blue ‘Screening Mode Active’ box appears.

You are now ready to begin Screening.

I recommend moving quickly through each point. Save any discussion until later when you’re reviewing the graph with the prospect.

Screening – Upper Body Exam

When the exam is completed, it will pull up the ‘baseline graph’ that you’re familiar with, though, only the upper body will be showing. The prospect will be looking at the chart and will want to know what it means. Quickly explain that the horizontal Red, Green and Blue bars indicate her normal range.

In the graph to the right, you can point out that the green bars indicate normal functioning, however three of their meridians are having problems. Don’t go into too much detail at this point. Click on the deficient, excessive or split bars in the graph and talk with her about where these meridians are located and what physical issues she might be experiencing.

We WANT them to associate the graph with parts of their body and how they are feeling!

Show the Channel on their Body

Take a couple of minutes to show them! Clicking on the bars in the graph bring up an image like the one on the right. It lists the name of the channel and shows the points.

At this point, ask questions that will help you understand why her channel (in this case the Lung) might be deficient, excessive or split. Quickly move through each dysfunctional meridian, pulling up a picture and discussing it.

Now you’re coming to the end of your screening. As you print out the screening cover page and report say something like this:

  • Now Jane, can you see how important it is to have a complete exam where we can see the meridians for your lower body as well?” (brief pause) 
  • “I’ve set aside two days next week to complete your exam in my office at no charge. What day works better for you, Tuesday or Thursday?” (Don’t speak until the prospect does) Jane says: “Thursday.” Have your Week-at-a-Glance appointment book on the table and together pick a time.
Customize the information on this report in the Preference section of AcuGraph

You’ve just completed a Screening Exam and gained a new patient!

With a little practice, it will come naturally to you and your confidence will grow. Remember the three keys to setting the appointment:

1. Believe in your ability to help this person. This unwavering conviction in your treatments makes ALL the difference. Remember, this person has been suffering and they’ve probably lost hope! They need to find hope in your eyes!

2. Be skilled at discussing what the graph shows. This is your chance to use the results of the graph, what they’ve told you and your clinical experience. Draw on your TCM training to explain what might be causing the problem with their meridian channel. Give them the confidence that they WILL receive relief through YOUR treatments!

3. Be unwavering in setting the appointment. These people NEED you. You WILL help them. Move confidently forward as if it is already a foregone conclusion that they will. Don’t plead with them to come see you. I’ve heard  practitioners make the mistake of asking for the appointment like this: “I’d really like to do a full exam on you if you could come by my office next week. Is there a day that would be good for you?” It’s more productive to say it like this: Jane, after reviewing your graph and hearing your symptoms, I’m confident I can help you. I’ve set aside time next week to meet with new patients, which would you prefer, Tuesday morning or Thursday afternoon?

The AcuGraph Screening Module is an effective tool that will deliver new patients when used at public events.

Plain and simple. If you are going to a public screening event, health fair, speaking engagement, or practically any marketing function, you’ll be more effective with the screening module than you will without. It brings in patients faster and more effectively than anything else I know.

When you buy your AcuGraph, the Screening module is an add-on option. It is included in the Practice Builder & Practice Builder Premium package.

If you don’t have it, you can order it NOW by clicking here! 

If you’re still not sure whether you bought it or not, give me call and I’ll look and see. Either way it’s just $99! I want to get this installed on your computer and working for YOU! How would it affect your practice to add an additional 10-20 new patients every month! This should be a key element of your plan to maintain a busy practice! Patient attrition happens, we know that. A monthly marketing event using the Screening Module will keep your practice full of new patients and you’ll enjoy the success you’ve always desired!

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Alan Gifford MS, Practice Coach

For 20 years, Alan worked in the corporate world as a director of sales and marketing. He made a career change in 2003, returning to complete his Masters degree in Exercise and Wellness from Arizona State University. As a marketer and Exercise Physiologist, Alan spent the next four years working with Healthcare practitioners to increase patient volume, satisfaction and retention. He now works directly with clients of Miridia Technology to promote their practice and patient experience. In addition to English, he is fluent in Spanish and assists in developing our Latin-market presence.

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    1. Gracias por tu pregunta! El módulo de cribado es un componente adicional del sistema AcuGraph. Usted tendrá que comprar el AcuGraph a tener todas las características que usted desea. Hacemos que sea fácil invertir en un sistema. Dame una llamada y vamos a hablar de las opciones!

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