Patients are trying to find…YOU! Here’s how you make it easy. 5/5 (37)

Does this scene look familiar?                       How about this one?

We all know the power of the internet. Anyone looking for anything goes to the internet! I can’t remember the last time I looked in a Phone book or Yellow Pages! So the question is, when people are searching for a solution…Will they find you?

Word is getting out about AcuGraph and we have patients calling US to find YOU! But, what about the ones who don’t call? Where do they find their practitioners?

One way is through the internet on our website.  You’d be surprised how many phone calls, emails and IM’s we get asking if there is a practitioner near the caller. The first thing we do is click onto our website, under “Find a Practitioner” and see who we can refer them to. SO ARE YOU THERE?

Now, I know that you are Acupuncturists, not computer techs. So, we’ve made it easy to become part of our Practitioner Referral Database.

Step 1: Make sure you are running the latest version of AcuGraph. Inside AcuGraph, click on Help, then About AcuGraph. You’ll get a screen like this:

Just under the Credits and Close boxes, in little tiny print, it says Version 4.1.3 or newer—or whatever version you are running. If it’s not 4.1.3 or newer, Click Here and download the latest version.

If you’re running 3.0 or 2.0, you’ll have to buy the upgrade, but it is SO worth it!  Click Here to do that. Then you’ll need to install it.  If you get stuck at any point…just call me and I’ll help you!

Step 2: Next, open your AcuGraph software and click on the Preferences tab. Look at the “General” tab. You should see all of your practice information listed there. If you’re missing the zip code, then update it! The information you have here will be posted on the website!

Step 3: Adding yourself to our website.  Click on the Getting Started Checklist, under the Help menu in your AcuGraph software. You will get a menu like this:


Click on the middle bar that says Set Up Online Referrals. You’ll get the following menu:


Click Yes! And .

Our Website uses the information you have submitted about your clinic (taken from your User Information tab inside AcuGraph) and puts it into our Practitioner Referral Database on our Website which looks like this:


So, that’s it! Just 3 steps and you’re on the list. Our website receives over 1000 hits a day and is highly ranked on Google and other search engines. We advertise in National magazines, and Worldwide through the internet.  When your website is linked to ours you receive a benefit from all of our advertising and promotion work.

Listing your practice here will increase your search priority on the internet, increasing YOUR website’s local traffic; and allowing us and other AcuGraph practitioners to refer local patients to you.  It’s a ‘connected’ world, and often patients have family or friends in your area. We want to refer them to you!

Are you wondering who’s already listed in your area? Click Here and see!  So why NOT try it? The choice is yours…



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