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You may be wondering—are there really hidden features of AcuGraph? Well, today I’d like to discuss a few awesome features that are not really hidden, but it seems are not used as often as they could be.

We frequently hear from AcuGraph customers with questions about how to do certain things with the software. Some of the most frequent questions we hear are questions such as these:

  • In addition to the exam findings, how can I know what additional points to treat for a specific patient complaint, such as knee pain?
  • How can I more accurately find points on my patient?
  • How can I quickly find a particular type of point for a given channel (the water point for the liver channel, for instance)
  • Can I print out extra points that are not recommended by the exam findings?
  • Where can I find a detailed representation of items like the 5 Elements Chart and other common acupuncture charts?


Did you know that all of this and more is available under the “Reference” tab in AcuGraph 4? We’ve made a short video demonstration that explains how to get the most out of your AcuGraph Reference section, and it can be seen at the following link:


Click Here To Unlock The Hidden Secrets in AcuGraph


Thank you to all who have called with questions about how to use AcuGraph more effectively. We love to hear from our AcuGraph users!

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