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I just received the following letter from Dr. Heinz Kiso, an AcuGraph user from Sweden:

Hello Adrian!

While working in Thailand, I saw your mail about launching the new AcuGraph 4 in short. Congratulations and I hope it will be successful…

I recently came home from Northern Thailand, after working at Chomthong Hospital in Chiang Mai area. All my patients appreciated the DMI [Digital Meridian Imaging–AcuGraph] and the confirming of the symptoms of their ailments and the rich information they’ve got. I have this time worked with about 120 patients and all have been monitored through the AcuGraph. The software has been introduced to several executive doctors from different hospitals, as me and a fellow Swedish doctor, were holding a course/workshop in FR-analysis in erythrocytes and treatment with broad-spectrum antioxidants. The participants came from almost all parts of Thailand and the course/workshop was initiated by the Health Government of Chiang Mai district…AcuGraph setup

When I had to present myself and my field of work, to the audience many doctors showed interest and like to see how I work and what kind of equipment I use. With the OK from my patients they were able to watch, both the DMI and following treatment. Everybody was impressed, especially doctors with experience of alternative medicine.

I’m very satisfied with the AcuGraph and feel proud every time I present it to somebody or use it when treating patients in my clinic or abroad. Very curious about the new version!

[I’ve sent] a photo about how to store the probes, when not working, maybe you could produce some similar item, because it was a little bit of a problem, but I found my own solution on that subject.

Best regards

Letters like this make my day. There’s nothing we love more than to hear how our products are improving lives all over the world. Thanks for sharing, Dr. Kiso, and best wishes for your continued success!

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Dr. Adrian Larsen

Adrian P. Larsen, D.C., F.A.S.A., C.Ac. Dr. Larsen is President of Miridia Technology Inc., and one of the developers of the AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging system. He currently divides his time between research, product development, and teaching. Dr. Larsen also holds certifications in Applied Kinesiology and CPK, and has specialized training in SOT and craniopathy. He, his wife, and 7 children reside in Meridian, Idaho.

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  1. Hi, I’ve just seen this post today and I reside in Chiangmai, Thailand. I got the AcuGraph 4 in August 2011 and tried it on family members and neighbors and all loved it. Then words spread and I get people coming to see me until 9pm. I have since moved to the UAE for a consultancy project in a public hospital here in Abu Dhabi and during my weekends, I get calls from friends with different health issues. I would fire up my AcuGraph and read their meridians first before using the Auriculo 3D or my patches to address their issues. I’ve seen cases from whiplash neck injury, knee joint pain, shoulder pain, mild stroke with speech stutter, smoking withdrawal syndrome and those who wants to quit smoking. I am very thankful to Dr. Larsen and his team for these advanced technological inventions based on the time-proven traditional acupuncture wisdom.

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