Acupuncture Point: Conception Vessel 4 4.92/5 (50)

Conception Vessel 4 (CV 4) is extremely powerful for chronic debilitating diseases. Because it is a crossing point for the Liver, Kidney and Spleen channels Conception Vessel 4 can treat a broad range of conditions: menstrual disorders, urinary disorders, sexual dysfunction, menopause symptoms, and intestinal digestive disorders.

If you want to give yourself or someone you love a BEAUTIFUL pick-me-up treatment, I’d suggest putting a smooth stone on this spot, then covering your lower abdomen with a hot pack while you take a little afternoon nap. This treatment is very nurturing and rejuvenating for someone who is going through chronic health conditions.

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Conception Vessel 4 Description and Info

Acupuncture Point CV 4

Acupuncture Point: Conception Vessel 4 (Cv 4, Cv4)

Chinese Name: Guan Yuan

English Name: Gate of Origin

Location: On the midline, 3 cun inferior to the umbilicus.


Attributes: Front-Mu (Alarm) point of the Small Intestine channel. Meeting point of the Conception vessel with the Spleen, Liver, and Kidney channels.

TCM Actions: Banks the kidney and secures the root; supplements Qi and returns yang; warms and regulates the blood chamber and the palace of essence; dispels cold damp and eliminates cold in the genitals; separates the clear and turbid; regulates original Qi and dissipates pathogens; safeguards health and prevents disease.

Indications: Seminal emission; enuresis; urinary frequency ; urinary stoppage; menstrual disorders; menalgia; painful menstruation, menstrual block and other menstrual disorders; vaginal discharge; scant metrorrhagia; prolapse of the uterus; postpartum hemorrhage; hernia; lower abdominal pain; diarrhea; wind strike desertion patterns; impotence.

Secondary Indications: Sudden strike desertion patterns; all forms of vacuity detriment; conglomerations and gatherings; infertility; persistent flow of lochia; subumbilical gripping pain gradually extending to the genitals; hematuria; rough rination with dark-colored urine; kidney inversion headache; summerheat strike; dizziness and headache; running piglet pattern; cold Qi entering the lower abdomen; Water swelling; fulminant disruption; kidney vacuity dyspnea; bowstring and elusive masses; bloody stool; wasting thirst disease.

Needle Information: Perpendicular insertion .8 – 1.2 cun. Moxibustion is applicable.

Cautions: Deep insertion may penetrate a full Bladder. No deep needle in pregnancy.

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