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The Olden Days

Do you remember your life before email, cell phones, and internet? Even though it’s fun to reminisce about the olden days, I can’t imagine trying to live my life NOW without them. I love the world of modern technology  I enjoy now!

It’s hard to believe Auriculo 3D has already been on the market for well over a year. I was just looking at an old blog post from early 2012 where I shared “A Behind the Scenes Look at Auriculo 3D.”

When I began as a student of acupuncture, technology such as Auriculo 3D didn’t even exist. I survived as an acupuncturist, but my treatments were not as effective as they are now. Basically, I memorized a handful of auricular points and used them on a regular basis. If I wanted to use anything EXTRA, I had to take the time to go and look it up in a book, or several books. Honestly, those years feel like FOREVER ago!

Here are some positive changes Auriculo 3D has made in my clinic:

I’m a better practitioner

Before, I used the main points I had memorized. Now, I have literally hundreds of points at my disposal with a single click. Having the ability to search for the exact point needed for an excellent treatment makes all the difference in the world. Patients experience instantaneous results.

I can treat more patients because I have more time

Auriculotherapy is quick and easy when you have the right tools for effective treatment. I’ve spent years adding my own personal notes into the program. I can quickly access any important treatment strategies I’ve learned over the years from my customized database. Treatments are more effective, which allows me to quickly move on to the next patient.

I get way more referrals

Auriculo 3D is impressive and the patients love it. Not only do patients get excellent results because of Auriculo 3D, they also become educated about the many conditions acupuncture can treat.

Not only do I use it for every patient, I also display our big ear chart on the wall in each treatment room. Patients leave my clinic talking about the many conditions they “didn’t know acupuncture could treat.” The more you teach your patients, the more they tell their friends.

I’m addicted–in a good way

I wouldn’t EVER consider treating patients without it. Is it a crutch? Nope. It’s a resource that has made me successful–and I love it!

Do you have Auriculo 3D yet? If not, then WHY? I promise, you will LOVE it.

Have a great week!


Kimberly Thompson, L.Ac.



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Dr. Kimberly Thompson, DACM, L.Ac.

Dr. Kimberly Thompson, DACM, L.Ac. is a US licensed acupuncturist in the state of Idaho and certified in the treatment of acupuncture, Oriental medicine and Chinese herbology by the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). Kimberly wears multiple hats in the acupuncture community. She owns her private clinic, Meridian Family Acupuncture. She has spent the last 10 years working for Miridia Technology as an acupuncture Research Analyst–where she helps plan, develop, and integrate modern diagnostic and treatment tools for the ever-evolving scientific world of acupuncture. Kimberly is a world-renown teacher, blogger, columnist, and mentor in the acupuncture community.

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